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Suspense archive

List of all the radio episodes of Suspense that I have reviewed on the blog.  By year, and then alphabetical order by title.


The Lodger


The Body Snatchers
The Bride Vanishes
The Burning Court
The Cave of Ali Baba
Devil in the Summer House
The Kettler Method
Lord of the Witch Doctors
Menace in Wax
One Hundred in the Dark
Til Death Do Us Part
Two Sharp Knives
Wet Saturday
Will You Make a Bet With Death?


The ABC Murders
After Dinner Story
Back for Christmas
Banquo's Chair
The Black Curtain
Cabin B-13
The Cross Eyed Bear
The Customers Like Murder
The Dead Sleep Lightly
Death Flies Blind
The Devil's Saint
The Diary of Saphronia Winters
A Friend to Alexander
The Fountain Plays
In Fear and Trembling
Five Canaries in the Room
The Last Letter of Doctor Bronson
Last Night
The Man Without A Body
Marry for Murder
Moment of Darkness
The Most Dangerous Game
Mr. Markham, Antique Dealer
Murder Goes for a Swim
Nothing Up My Sleeve
A Passage to Banaries
Philomel Cottage
The Pit and the Pendulum
The Singing Walls
Sorry, Wrong Number
The Storm
The Strange Death of Charles Umberstein
Thieves Fall Out
Unce Henry's Rosebush
The White Rose Murders


Fugue in C Minor
The Locked Room
The Man Who Couldn't Lose


Angel of Death
Drury's Bones
Heart's Desire
Love's Lovely Counterfeit
The Last Detail
A Man in the House
Murder Off Key
My Dear Niece
My Own Murderer
My Wife Geraldine
A Tale of Two Sisters


Blue Eyes
The Black Path of Fear
Can't We Be Friends?
The Clock and the Rope
Commuter's Ticket
Crime Without Passion
Dark Journey
Dead Ernest
An Evening's Diversion
Feast of the Furies
The Great Horrel
The High Wall
The Hitchhiker
Lazarus Walks
The Leading Citizen of Pratt County
Lucky Lady
The Name of the Beast
The Night Reveals
Out of Control
The Pasteboard Box
The Plan
A Plane Case of Murder
Post Mortem
Return Trip
They Call Me Patrice
Three Times Murder
Til the Day I Die
Too Many Smiths
You'll Never See Me Again
Your Devoted Wife


Always Room at the Top
The Blue Hour
Three Blind Mice
Too Little to Live On
The Tree of Life


Beware the Quiet Man
Big Shot
Deadline at Dawn
Deep Into Darkness
Donovan's Brain
The Hands of Mr. Ottermole
Hitchhike Poker
An Honest Man
Life Ends at Midnight
The Morrison Affair
Night Must Fall
Song of the Heart
Summer Night
Yellow Wallpaper


Backseat Driver
Goodnight Mrs. Russell
Noose of Coincidence
To Find Help


On a Country Road
Rave Notice
Too Hot To Live


Christmas for Carol
Neil Cream Doctor of Poison
A Vision of Death



The Night Before Christmas


The Guilty Always Run
Shooting Star


Zero Hour


Three Skeleton Key
The Waxwork


Thou Shalt Not Commit



After the Movies
The Amateur
Analytical Hour
The Beetle and Mr. Bottle
Blood is Thicker
The Companion
Country of the Blind
The Crisis of Dirk Diamond
Death in Box 234
Death and the Escort
Deep, Deep is My Love
Dynamite Run
Easy Victim
Everything Will Be Different
A Friend of Daddy's
Ivy is a Lovely Name
John Barby and Son
Korean Christmas Carol
The Last Trip
Leningen vs. the Ants
Like Man Somebody Dig Me
Madman of Manhattan
The Man Who Would Be King
A Matter of Execution
Moonlight Sail
Night Man
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
The Pit and the Pendulum
Red Cloud Mesa
Room 203
Script by Mark Brady
See How He Runs
The Signalman
Spoils for Victor
Star Over Hong Kong
The Thimble


Bitter Grapes
Crank Letter
A Coffin for Mr. Cash
Dead Man's Story
Deep Into Darkness
End of the Road
The Legend of Robbie
Lieutenant Langer's Last Collection
The Long Night
The Mystery of Marie Roget
One More Shot
Out the Window
Perfect Plan
The Revolution
A Shipment of Mute Fate
Sleep is for Children
Talk About Caruso
The Time and the Place and the Death
Tonight at 5:55
Two Horse Parley