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Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans: A Recap

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Normally I like to recap things separately (it gives me more posts to schedule and build my buffer!) but individually I probably couldn't talk at length about some of the things I did last weekend, so I'm throwing them all into one post.

---  William Shatner  ---

I'll start with the William Shatner book signing I went to on Thursday which was for his new book on his friendship with Leonard Nimoy.  I had a friend visiting me from Northern California, and since we are both Trek fans, it was perfect timing as well.

Unfortunately the whole event was run with extremely strict rules.  There were no pictures to be taken in line past a certain point - like 10 feet away from William Shatner.  Also one book per person (a usual rule for a big celebrity though), and they didn't want us to talk too much to him, because they wanted to keep the line moving.  Also there was no talk before the signing like I was hoping, so it was really just get in and get out.  William Shatner was gracious though - he acknowledged me and said hi, and when I commented on how much I enjoy following his twitter account, he laughed and seemed about to say something, when the awful person behind me kind of jumped in and started talking to him.  So I don't know what he would have said - probably just 'thanks', but my time was up, I had to move along.  It was nice to see William Shatner though - still the original Star Trek series is my favorite, so it's meaningful to me to have met him.  And I look forward to reading his book!

my photo collage posted on instagram

---  Susan Dennard  ---

On Friday, I headed out early to San Diego to see Susan Dennard, author extraordinaire and really fantastic person.  Obviously I've talked alot about her and her novel Truthwitch on this blog in the past few months, but it was all so much fun to be a part of her street team, and I love her writing so much, that I had to go see her at a book signing at the earliest possible opportunity.  She is also going to be at the LA Times Book Festival in April, so I hope to see her then too!

First of all though - this was the view from my hotel -

San Diego, you are so beautiful.  I had to make the most of this quick trip by staying at a nice hotel. :)  And then it was soon time for the signing. 

Susan opted to sit on the desk rather than behind it :)

 I wanted to do a thorough recap of everything that was said, but the talk was more like a conversation and very free-flowing.  People asked questions about the book and about writing, gaming and Susan's time as a marine biologist, and it was just fun to listen to it all.  And Susan pointed me out very quickly (along with a couple other people she recognized) in the beginning because she recognized one of her Waterwitches. :D  I probably looked like a deer in headlights when she did, but I was SO happy that she recognized me.

Some of the things that came up in the talk was that Susan mentioned she had just seen the cover for Windwitch that day and I'm crazy jealous.  Can't wait to see what Merik looks like on the cover!  Also it was interesting that she said the series doesn't really have a villain.  I thought there was going to be one based on the first book, but I guess things are more complicated than that.  I thought it was hilarious that her sensei tells her not to go to the dojo because he wants her to write more of The Starkillers Cycle.  He's hooked!   Also she sang a line from "I'll Make a Man Out of You" which filled me with delight. :)

Also if you don't subscribe to her newsletter yet, it's highly recommended because her thoughts on writing are so fascinating - even for me and I don't write.  It was interesting to hear her talk a bit more on the things she had just talked about in the newsletter (which I had read that Friday morning.)

Oh and I should mention that on twitter I saw a fellow blogger would be at the event - Sierra, and it was great to talk to her before the talk and while we were waiting in line for Susan.  We wanted to be last. :)  I really don't meet a lot of bloggers, and especially ones who are big fans of Jane Eyre (!!) so it was a pleasure to talk books with her.  So thank you again Sierra for a fab time!

Once we got to Susan, the store was obviously ready to close, so Sierra and I just went up to her together.  I got my big hug from Susan and we talked about random things.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to tell her in person how much I loved being a part of the street team, and how wonderfully generous she is with all of us.  I had other things I was thinking to say, but it kind of all went out of my head when I got up there.  I think I just wanted to gush more about the series!  Maybe bribe her with gluten-free cookies for Windwitch.  That sort of thing.

I did remember to ask her to write "Go Waterwitch Babes" in my ARC copy, so I'm glad I have this to remind me of the time with my water clan.  <3

I posted a slightly different photo on my instagram

So best day ever!  I know everyone who meets Susan says the same, but she really is the nicest, most down-to-earth, and genuinely caring person.  You have to love her if you ever see her!

  ---  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies  ---

I was really excited to see this when I first heard about it - I have zero interest in reading the book, but the film seemed like it would be more fun.  But when it came out to lackluster reviews, I became disinterested.  However a couple of my friends told me they wanted to see it, so I ended up tagging along.  At least I could see Matt Smith as Mr. Collins. 

It is a fun film - there are some good laughs and some good startle moments with the zombies, but for some reason the two parts of the story never really came together for me.  There were quite a few aspects of the plot that felt like it was supposed to make a difference to the story, but then nothing was ever done with it.  Like with the Four Horsemen.  And Lady Catherine de Bourgh's daughter.  And what was up with that scene that came up after the closing credits started?  I guess they wanted to sow the seeds of  a sequel?  I was surprised to find out though that Bingley does have a second sister - I never remembered that.  When she was in the film, I totally thought it was an addition by the filmmakers and maybe something was going to happen to her.  I also had an issue with something about the St. Lazarus church - but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

I couldn't really find myself loving the Darcy/Lizzie romance either - I don't know, it was just there, and expected.  I think the key moments to their relationship came about too rushed at times, and so I never felt their connection.  They did have to have a lot of zombie moments to take away from potentially important scenes.  The highlight for me was Mr. Collins though - Matt Smith was hilarious.  Totally wrong to fancy Mr. Collins a little bit in a Pride and Prejudice adaptation though!

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