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Friday, February 5, 2016

Truthwitch Read-along: Discussion #1 + Giveaway (INT)

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It's the end (or near to the end) of the first week of our Truthwitch read-along. I hope everyone is loving (or re-loving?) the book so far!  I'm answering the first week's discussion questions today - if you haven't read it yet, there are some kinda spoilers (although not too bad if you are not a stickler for avoiding them) so fair warning.

There's also a giveaway below for a unique Truthwitch design Tote Bag I created especially for this read-along.  It's open to everyone, not just read-along participants (the giveaway is International!) but the participants in the read-along have the opportunity for more entries.  Don't forget that next week the discussion is hosted on Candid Cover!

Week #1 Discussion Questions

  • Safi and Iseult are fantastic fighters.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to fight, take self-defense classes or have you already?  Tell us about your reasoning/experience!
I would love to know self-defense - not really how to fight aggressively, but to be able to turn someone's strength against them.  Just for the sense of security that would give me I think.  And how cool it would be to surprise a potential aggressor with a 'not this time!' moment. :D   It's seems fun know how to wield a sword though, but that's probably not for me.  If I was going for fantasy fighting skills I would probably go for being adept at the bow and arrow.

  • Of these specialized witcheries revealed so far (truthwitch, threadwitch, bloodwitch, wordwitch, windwitch, voicewitch) which power would you like to have and why?
I'm fascinated most with the word witchery.  I would love to have the power of words changing people's minds or realities.  It's a manipulative power, but because words are so meaningful to me in terms of how I love to read, and delight in expressive and moving prose, it would be interesting to be able to wield that as a power.

  • The beginning of the book already features political intrigue, Safi and Iseult trying to get away, and the mystery of cleaving.  Which plot point interests you the most so far, and why?
I'm loving how rich the story is just from the first 9 chapters, and I like every plot point so far (even the political intrigue, which normally doesn't grab my attention), but I think I'd have to choose Safi and Iseult's plight as the most interesting so far.  Especially when so many problems come up for them - the Bloodwitch in particular is a nervewracking menace on the horizon for them at the moment.

  • Share a favorite quote from the book!
"He might've spent years mastering his family's famous temper, yet all it would take at this point was one more grain.  One more grain of salt, and the ocean would flood."

This quote about Merik, describes him perfectly - he always seems on the verge of succumbing to his temper.  He's fun. :)  I love the imagery too, which is so perfect since Merik is the Captain of a ship.

  • Character Spotlight: Safiya |  Talk about what you like or dislike about Safi.  Do you identify with her in any way?  What do you think about her actions so far?

Safi is so smart and clever, but I really feel for Iseult in having to deal with her.  Safi is also impulsive and prone to rash actions, so I sometimes want to (lovingly?) yell at her for her behavior.  It's wonderful how Iseult bears it - truly a sign of how beautiful their friendship is.  But Safi is intensely loyal and very charming, so she's a wonderful character to get to know - she has her flaws, but she's awesome!

Week 1 Discussion Post Linky

Giveaway - International!

For the giveaway ONE tote bag only is available.  I designed this from a quote Susan Dennard uses to inscribe her autographed books.  It's a cool quote, and I hope the winner will love to show this tote bag off!  The tote is 13in X 13 in, and ships from Redbubble.  The giveaway will end on February 29th midnight.  Participants of the read-along have more entry options - please note that the entry option "Read-along Participants (2)" is for a link to a discussion post from one of the subsequent weeks.  Come back to this post later sometime in February and add your link from Week 2, 3, or 4 for more entries into the giveaway.  Thank you and Good luck!

Also, stickers with this design will be given away during our #TWReadalong twitter chat on February 28th, along with other goodies, so I hope you can join us for that!

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Next week's reading schedule:

Week 2
Feb 9-15 // Chapters 10-19
Hosted by Olivia @ Candid Cover
Character spotlight: Iseult

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