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Friday, February 26, 2016

Truthwitch Discussion #4

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Our last week of  Discussion Questions are hosted over on Ceres Book World!  Check out her post for more information, and for a giveaway of a $15 Amazon gift card!  This is the last discussion post.  Thank you to everyone who has joined in, it was a pleasure to read Truthwitch with you!  And don't forget we have a Truthwitch related twitter chat coming up on Sunday!  Lots more fun questions and giveaways planned!

Warning: There are spoilers in this discussion post!

Week #4 Discussion Questions

  • What do you think of Leopold now that the book is finished? Do you think we will see him again?
Oh Leopold.  I talked about him a bit in my last Discussion post, but I really do love the characters where you don't quite know what they are doing, but you trust them anyway.  And the fact that he pulled one over on Aeduan - just the most threatening witch in the book up til now, makes me supremely happy.  Leopold's willingness to sacrifice himself for the cause makes him so noble too.  I very much hope to see more of him in the series!

  • What are your thoughts about Iseult and the Puppeteer? What do you think could happen in the next book for them?
I mentioned in my post earlier this week that at the book signing for Truthwitch, Susan mentioned there's not really a villain in the series.  And I thought the Puppeteer would be the villain.  So I'm really not sure what is going on there.  I am afraid for Iseult and it's such a mystery why they have a connection - I'm definitely looking forward to finding out more.

  • What do you think of what happened in the end with Kullen, or with Safiya?
You know when I first read this book, I really thought Susan wouldn't do this to us with Kullen.  But she did.  And it's so heartbreaking - with Merik and Rhyber, I just did not want to get to that level of pain and loss.  Already in the first book!  Seriously afraid for what's in store in the next...  I feel like Kullen was always set up in the series to be reckless, so it's not really a surprise that he has the ending he does, but he's such a great character - it's very sad.  I'm glad that Safi has more of an awakening by the end about what she needs to do.  It was hard for her to have to make that agreement, but I'm sure she will come out on top!

  • Tell me five words to describe Truthwitch?
Thrilling, Adventurous, Romantic, Suspenseful, Addicting

  • Character Spotlight: Aeduan | What do you think of Aeduan? Do you think he will change his plan now that he knows the truth? “Mhe verujta” means trust me as if my soul were yours. I like this quote. Do you think that Iseult could trust Aeduan?

Aeduan was a difficult character for me to like in the beginning, but I loved that by the end, there was a lot more to his character than we initially saw.  He's very complex, and his hard views on life makes him an intriguing character to watch change.  I think there will be lots more to look forward to with Iseult and Aeduan.  By the end of this book, I was convinced that Aeduan could be trusted. :)  Mhe verujta is also a wonderful phrase.  I love it!

Reminder: Twitter chat this Sunday Feb 28th at 10am EST!  Use #TWReadalong

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