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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Suspense Sundays (182) Return Trip

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Suspense was a radio series from 1942 to 1962.  I have a fondness for "Old Time Radio" as we call it now, and Suspense is my favorite show.  It sets up weird, dark, scary, or intriguing stories with a plot twist in the end, and all in half an hour.  For Suspense Sundays I'll give a short review of an episode.

"Return Trip"
Air date: June 27, 1946
Starring Elliot Reid
>>Episodes here<<

Three passengers on a bus are heading away from an asylum after visiting their loved ones.  There is a blizzard stirring, and they want to get down the mountain as soon as possible, but they are stopped by police officers.  Someone dangerous has escaped from the asylum, and searches the bus.  They are let go because the men have ID, and the driver and his passengers decide to try to get back despite the snow storm.  And then there's an avalanche.

What makes this such a suspenseful story is not that someone could be out there trying to kill them, but that maybe the killer is one of the people on the bus! *cue dramatic music* *cue suspicion, hysteria and irrationality*  This was a very good episode to listen to - the kind of claustrophobic suspense I usually want from my Suspense radio stories.  It makes for some really creepy theater of the mind.  Although I did guess who the killer was! :D

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