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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Waves (4)

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Making Waves is a weekly question feature created by the Waterwitch Babes (part of Susan Dennard's Truthwitch Street Team). Every Thursday, we’ll have a fun question that all are welcome to answer on their blog. The questions will be random and/or relate to the upcoming book Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. A linky is provided so that everyone can link up their post and participate in the fun! 

To participate we do ask that you use the Making Waves banner in your post and link back to the Waterwitch Babes blog.

Question 4: What are your favorite books that feature one of the elements on the cover or title?

Heir of Fire: The link is obviously to fire here with the title.  It's hard to say which of the Throne of Glass books will be my favorite, but with Heir of Fire, I became firmly obsessed with the series, and with how well Sarah J. Maas has expanded her fantasy world.  I'm sure everyone who reads this post has read this book, but just in case you haven't - umm, it's HIGHLY recommended that you get on this! (my review)

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: I had to have a book to represent my water clan!  I don't always love Neil Gaiman's stories, but I do ALWAYS love his writing and with The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I'm happy to say that I was in love with both things.  The story is quintessentially Gaiman - quirky, magical, and thought-provoking, with a fairy tale feel and a love of the metaphorical. (my review)

The Crown: I think of this book as representing aether, with the mystical cover.  This is a historical thriller/mystery with a nun as the main character, and I absolutely loved this series.  It's so engrossing, and Joanna Stafford is a smart, forward-thinking heroine.  The Tudor setting is also fascinating to read about. (my review)

The Waterwitch Babes are hosting two reading events that we would love for everyone to participate in!  One is a reading challenge for books with elemental titles/covers or themes, and the other is a read-along of Susan Dennard's trilogy - "Something Strange and Deadly".  You can read more about the events (and hopefully sign up!) by checking out this post!

Next week's question:
  How is your experience with the Truthwitch Street Team so far?  Or why would you like to be a part of the team?

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