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Monday, October 26, 2015

Back to the Future Day

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Last week, pretty much everyone was talking about how Wednesday, October 21st was the day Marty, Doc and Jennifer went to the 'future' in the second Back to the Future film.  And here in the LA area, there was a convention of sorts for the Back to the Future fans, filled with visits to the film locations and appearances by some of the actors from the series.  I only went to the first day of the event, which was at Universal Studios Hollywood, which houses the original outdoor set for Courthouse Square.  And just for this event, they let people walk around the set!  It was the best! In this post, I'm sharing a little bit of that experience.  

After we were let out of the tram, the main attraction was the courthouse.  Everyone rushed to it and snapped pics.  It was a little crazy, but of course super exciting.  A part of me was hoping they would make over the set to look like 2015 from the film, but I know that would have been too much work.  Also they were saying there was going to be some filming on that set later, so I suppose they couldn't redo it because of that as well.  I was really disappointed they couldn't put the clock at the top though, because it does make a difference.  But anyways.  Another wider angle:

While we were in the tram heading towards the backlot, they told us about some of the other films that used Courthouse Square, and one I was surprised to know was the film "To Kill A Mockingbird"!  I really need to rewatch that epic movie.  So cool to know that they filmed the exterior courthouse scenes there.

They also had some period cars along the street - I'm not sure if this is the original film car, but it looks close enough to the car Marty drove his Mom to the prom with. :D  They also had the manure truck (with no manure inside though, thankfully!)

Lots of people dressed up of course, and I especially loved this fan who took it upon herself to dress like this and give out "Save the Clock Tower" flyers.  She even had the spiel down about how lighting struck the tower and we gave her a quarter to help save it. :D

After we were done with roaming Courthouse Square, we got back on the tram and it took us around on the usual tour of the backlot, and we were able to see the original hero "A" delorean from the film.  It's the one that had the full complement of adjustments inside and out (there were two other cars, one used for stunts, and one for interior filming).  Wish I could have taken a closer picture!

After that, we were able to spend some time in the park and ride the rides at Universal.  I also saw how they were coming along on Harry Potter world - I AM EXCITE!!  This pretty much looks done, they should have just let me in already. :D

For the finale to the day, everyone was let into a screening of Back to the Future II, where they timed it exactly, so that when Doc told Marty when they were, we could look at our watches and know we were in the same exact time too.  Nerdy, but glorious.  I love all these films so much!!

This was an amazing day, so perfect to remember and celebrate these amazing films.  It's been awhile since I've seen them, but watching them again recently, I'm reminded of how much my childhood is tied up in them.  As children, my siblings would say lines from the films all the time ("Say hello to your Mom for me" is especially funny when you say it to your brother or sister), and the music just gives me chills, it's so gorgeous and catchy.  

In the comments if you would be so kind, I'm curious to know - Which Back to the Future film is your favorite?

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