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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Famous People Tag

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I was tagged by Maggie at Macarons & Paperbacks to do this Famous People tag which was created by Naomi at Wonderland Creek.  I'm kinda a big fangirl when it comes to my favorite celebrities, so this was a really fun tag for me to do!

The Rules:
  • Put up the ‘famous people tag button’ and link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag the ten last people who commented on your blog (excluding anonymytes or the person who tagged you)

1. Who's your favourite singer/group?
I'll have to go with my old stand by and writer and singer of my favorite song - "Maybe I'm Amazed" - Sir Paul McCartney.  I love the Beatles, but I also love a lot of Paul's solo work, so I think it's fair to just put him down for this.

2. If your favourite male actor was in the same room as you right now, what would your reaction be?
Ooh if someone like Michael Fassbender was here, I would keep it together, excitedly tell him how much I loved him in Jane Eyre, and how he's an amazing actor and my ideal man ask him if I could get a picture (because I could not believe it happened otherwise) and then fall apart afterwards when he left.

3. Is there a famous person you used to love but (due to something they have done in their life) you've suddenly changed your mind?
Not really, I'm happy to say I generally find I admire what I see of my favorite celebrity's personality and private lives.

4. Name a famous person you like who's name starts with a V.
I can't think of anyone!  I hope I'm not forgetting someone obvious....

5. What's one of your favourite red-carpet dresses?
I had to google some because no dresses have stuck out that much for me, but I finally decided on what Idina Menzel wore recently to the Oscars.  Love the classic look of it!

6. Who's your favourite Royal person?
Right now, I really like how Princess Kate is managing her public image - she seems so poised and graceful and compassionate.

7. Who's your favourite child actor/tress?
Seeing how I'm already in a Christmassy mood, I will say Macaulay Culkin since Home Alone is such a great movie and Macaulay Culkin did a fantastic job with it.  I always watch it around Christmas and I'm always impressed by how sweet and believable he was in that role.  The second movie was great too!

8. Are there any actors/actresses whose private lives you like?
Well he's not really an actor, although he's done some acting, so I say that counts!  Derren Brown's private life seems just perfect.  He has eccentric hobbies, travels, paints, he has a wonderful philosophy about life and his work reflects that, and look at his library!

9. Do you think that the actors/actresses have improved these last 100 years?
Like Maggie talked about in her post, I think our perception of the quality of acting has changed over the years as our perception of quality writing and production values have changed.  What was amazing back then, wouldn't cut it now, but it was still quality at the time.  And actors are still wielding the same kind of skills, but it might come across differently now.  There is subtlety and nuance in performances regardless of time.

10. What's the weirdest famous-people name?
Well maybe this doesn't really count, but Penn Jillette (from the magician duo Penn & Teller) named his daughter Moxie Crimefighter.  Which is a name I feel is very um... surprising.

11. Do you think you look like a famous person? Which one(s)?
No, I haven't been told I look like anyone famous either.  Oh well maybe some day! :)

12. Share your favourite famous-person quote.
Neil deGrasse Tyson in answer to a question from a Reddit AMA

13. Who's your favourite dancer?
Gene Kelly!  This was a super easy question for me!  Watching him dance makes me feel light on my feet! :)

14. Why is your favourite actress your favourite one? When did you decide that she was your favourite?
Karen Gillan from Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, and now one of my fave new TV shows - Selfie (which unfortunately was cancelled.  I was really loving that show.  They are still airing some already filmed episodes so maybe tune in and boost the numbers?? Tuesdays/ABC/8pm).  I decided she's one of my favorite actresses from watching her as Amy Pond on Doctor Who, but seeing how versatile she is made me admire her so much, and she seems silly and goofy in real life as well, so she seems like a very cool person!

15. Have you ever met/seen/been close to a famous person?
Yes!  I'll drop this picture right here since I just mentioned one of them - unfortunately they didn't allow posed photos so we had to make do with this quick snap while passing by.  Of course it was perfectly fine, because I was just happy to see Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in person!

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You are tagged, if you have time or inclination to talk about a bunch of celebrities. :)  If anyone else would like to do this tag, feel free!  

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