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Friday, November 7, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Season 1 - Top 3 Favorite Episodes

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I think it will always be rough transitioning to a new Star Trek series after I've become so fond of the previous one.  I was not feeling Star Trek TNG after watching The Original Series, but TNG eventually won me over so I'm sure DS9 will do the same* - apparently around the third season.  But at the moment, I'm disappointed in a few things with DS9 so far - the dullness of the space station aesthetically, the fact that we are stuck on a space station, and the time it's taking me to warm up to these characters.  The one good thing is that Quark is somewhat lessening my lack of patience with the Ferengi as a race.  I'm starting to see the fun in them as a plot device, but only as a secondary.  The episode that focused on Ferengi politics was very annoying to me.

With season 1 and 2 of TNG, I could only really pick three episodes that appealed to me in that season, and that's the case again for DS9.  Although really, in my choices below, there were only moments that appealed to me, because I was not enamored with the episodes as a whole.  I really struggled to get though this season unfortunately, and I'm so looking forward to getting past DS9's growing pains to the good stuff!

3. If Wishes Were Horses

The idea of thoughts becoming reality is a great one, and seeing such a mismatch of characters like Rumplestilskin, a famed baseball player and an alternate OOC Dax made for a quirky mystery as the crew try to understand why they came into being in the first place.  The solution to the mystery was much less interesting to me though - I was probably just disappointed that the imaginary characters didn't have more up their sleeve than it seemed.

2. The Forsaken

In this episode, a mysterious entity gets into the computer of the space station and starts to affect normal procedures, and meanwhile Lwaxana Troi and a group of ambassadors visit the station.  Lwaxana takes a romantic interest in the resident emotionally unavailable character - Odo - and makes a connection with him while they are stuck in the turbo lift.  The entity living in the computer was not as interesting to me as the added depth we see to the characters of Odo and Lwaxana when they open up to each other in the turbo lift.  I really loved seeing why Lwaxana is such a magnetic character - when she can be so compassionate and understanding.  And based on my history of favorite characters from the previous Star Trek series (Spock and Data) I wonder if Odo will become my favorite on DS9.... time will tell!  (And Rene Auberjonois was a voice in The Little Mermaid, so points in his favor!)  Definitely I empathized a lot with Odo's story in this episode.

1. Move Along Home

A new species, the Wadi, visit the space station and since they seem to really like games, they gravitate towards Quark's fine establishment.  But when Quark cheats them, they make him play their own game, which has seemingly high, and very disturbing stakes.  This was another episode that has a cool mystery in what exactly the rules of the game are, and it was fun to see members of the crew in the game and needing to figure out it's weird logic.  But the resolution was very convenient, and it was odd that there was pretty much no reason why they had to put real people in the game.  But I ranked this first in my list since I enjoyed it the most of this season.

*I'm happy to say that Season 2 of DS9 is much better!

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