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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Quintessential Phase

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The last phase!  All our characters are scattered in the universe doing their own little thing and the Guide is glitching -  transitioning to an updated version. What's also interesting about this phase is how the Secondary phase which was previously negated now happened - though in a different dimension.  Multiple dimensions and the search for purpose and meaning is the focus of this last story.

Because Arthur Dent has had so many odd and wonderful experiences it is very understandable that all he wants is a normal life.  In a somewhat Earth-like planet that is more primitive than ours but he gets to do things like make sandwiches.  Because he's so ordinary and every-man.  I think playing on that aspect of Arthur makes this series so relatable because Arthur is the average human and is so human in his responses to things - he's very British of course but that elevates the humor when he's reacting to things that are impossible.   And when he has to deal with his daughter, who is very angry and emo, he is even more relatable.  Poor, well-meaning Arthur.

This story again features a focused storyline - one that revolves around why the Guide has been updated and what it is capable of.  Most of the characters are gradually brought to one place on Earth, and it is wonderful to have them together again.  If you have read the book though, there is a little issue about the end of "Mostly Harmless."  One that's pretty depressing.  But the good news is that this adaptation changed the ending!  And it's a little too perfect, but definitely preferable to the book's ending.

The series has some great moments - I love the explanation of the Perfectly Normal beasts, and Ford Prefect in every scene! Somehow he became the highlight of this phase for me - he's so matter-of-fact and never takes things too seriously.  As the final installment of Hitchhiker's this is great, and very importantly develops the characters believably.  Especially Trillian and Arthur.  There are some occurrences from the first parts of the series that becomes important in this and I love that continuity.  I'm so glad I revisited this for Sci-Fi Month and hopefully got a few people interested in listening to the radio versions of this series!

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  1. Have you read Eoin Colfers "And Another Thing"? (I think that's what it's called.) It's the sixth instalment of the trilogy, and makes the ending of "Mostly Harmless" a lot less bleak. :)

    1. I did read it! I think I generally liked it, but I don't really remember much of it. I should reread it sometime. It's too bad Douglas Adams never got the chance to write the 6th book. It would have been nice to see how he would have written himself out of that ending!