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Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who 50th - The Day of the Doctor

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I'm not sure I can be very coherent about the most momentous episode of Doctor Who - the episode that celebrates 50 years of the timey wimey adventures of a Time Lord - that aired a couple days ago. I've been looking forward to it forever it seems but I don't believe I had many expectations for this episode, because I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  That we would learn more of the Time War and of the circumstances that would lead the Doctor to make a decision that would haunt him through all of the past New Series adventures seemed like such a grave and significant event, that I couldn't imagine how this episode would also celebrate the show and have the light-hearted antics that usually accompany multi-Doctor stories.  I think the only expectation I did have was that Matt Smith and David Tennant would be awesome and that expectation was more than fulfilled.  One hope that I had, not so much an expectation, was that the Classic Doctors would make it in the show somehow as they are now, but I am glad they were acknowledged and even had a part to play in the end.  But really there were so many things that exceeded anything I was hoping for that I am definitely not complaining!  And I think I need to break down my thoughts into bite sized paragraphs!  But first, beware:

The Intro: Classic Who B&W opening credits that fade into color? Brilliant!!  I almost wanted to cry right from the get go with all the nostalgia that those credits invoke.  I was just watching a 2nd Doctor serial earlier (The Enemy of the World which was FANTASTIC) and seeing those credits gave me such a feeling of awe at the connection between the Classic series and the New series.  It's so different, yet the same.  I think it was brilliant to acknowledge the beginning and the now like that.  (and Clara is a teacher at the same school where the Doctor's granddaughter was a student!)

Rose Tyler: From the trailer it seemed pretty clear that this was not the Rose we know, but a form of Bad Wolf, but when I finally saw what her function was in the episode, I was so grateful to Steven Moffat.  Because she was there for the fans - there was really no reason it had to be Billie Piper, it could have been any interface at all.  And while it is a little heartbreaking that she didn't get to interact with 10 or 11, I have to admit to liking that Steven Moffat did not dredge up any of the Rose/10 angst.

Gallifrey:  This is one of the biggest things to be grateful for in this episode.  Not only do we get to see Gallifrey and other Time Lords, but Steven Moffat made it possible for the Doctor to return to Gallifrey once more.  I think it's a bit funny that Steven has finally undone everything Russell T Davies did with the series!  And now the show has returned to it's roots.   With the casting of Peter Capaldi, I feel like we will really see how Steven Moffat sees Doctor Who for a modern audience.  And now there is a way for the Doctor to get more regenerations!

The Doctors: With 3 Doctors together (and one we don't really know yet) it's always interesting to see how they play off each other and how they can all make a worthwhile contribution to the problem at hand.  It's wonderful that Steven Moffat worked in the tragedy of Gallifrey with an alien menace story when I'm sure it could have all just been about Gallifrey.  The Doctors all got their time to shine and there were so many witty and clever lines and situations in this to make the episode fun.  I also got a clear picture of each Doctor as well in how they approach things.

Tom Baker:  I should also mention the appearance, however brief, of all the Doctors in this, but seeing Tom Baker now with his own unique eccentric way of delivering lines, made me love him even more, which should be impossible since I love him a whole lot.  When Clara told the Doctor the curator was looking for him, I was practically bouncing in my chair at the prospect of it being Tom.  And the whole exchange was just perfection.  It seemed like a nod to the fans the whole way, and yet saying something important.  And even opening the doorway for more appearances by Classic Who Doctors!!  So much brilliance.

Peter Capaldi: It was only a moment, but when they showed Peter Capaldi both me and my friend said "What!" at exactly the same time and the same high pitch.  It was fun! And fantastic to see that 12 (or 13? Whatever) made it to the Anniversary special.

Breaking this down to my favorite things, I feel like I didn't do justice to the great way UNIT was worked into the story, as well as Kate Stewart and the science-y Osgood (I would love to cosplay as her - I already have the labcoat!).  I wasn't familiar with the Zygons before this, so now watching Terror of the Zygons is high on my priority list.  Because it's quite scary they can morph into anyone. Clara didn't have to do too much, but I did like how she helped the Doctor remember who he really is. And how about that final scene with all the Doctors!  Just brilliance.  This whole episode can be summed up with that word.  I am so glad to be a Doctor Who fan when it does things like completely change it's own history and bring back beloved actors.  Happy 50th Anniversary indeed!  I am sure there will be 50 more!

Edited to add -UMMM HOW DID I MISS THAT DERREN BROWN REFERENCE!! Just saw it on the tumblr, and I can't believe I didn't hear it when I watched the show! I must have been reaching for a Dalek cupcake!  Made of win!  Can he just be on the show now??  He already made it onto Sherlock!

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  1. I totally agree on all points..loved the classic who nod at the beginning and all the doctors being together
    at the end..I hope it goes on forever!

    1. It certainly can - it has the perfect format for going on forever! I wish everything I love had that capability. :D

  2. EEEEP I loved it!! <3

    All the references from the very beginning, like the sign from the scrapyard where the First Doctor's TARDIS was parked, and Coal Hill School... oh what a tribute.

    I liked that it wasn't Rose, because I agree that bringing all that up again would have been hard =( It was a nice nod to the fans.

    I screamed at the screen when I saw Capaldi too, and I am now so excited to see him in action in the Christmas ep/next series! Sneaky Moffatt...

    I posted a bit more on Lianne's blog too, with my thoughts, so I won't repeat them all =D Glad you enjoyed it too! <3

    1. Ah I was so thinking they would actually show the 1st Doctor with CGI and then flashfoward to the beginning, but they way they did it was perfect! And Moffat is ridiculous when it comes to these surprises! I think Tom Baker was supposed to be a surprise too, but Tom mentioned it in an interview before. I will go visit Lianne's blog now!