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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Signing: Tim Conway's "What's So Funny"

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Back in the good old days when I was young and my Mom dictated my taste in everything television, I would watch reruns of the Carol Burnett Show.  I would hope that some people who are reading this remember that show.  It was a sketch comedy/variety hour in the 70s and was so funny!  I loved it!  And Tim Conway was always the best part of the show - he could always make the cast crack up, no matter how hard they tried not to, and Tim's self-effacing and unrelenting comedic genius made him one of my very favorite people.  I do make it a habit of getting talent-crushes and to me Tim Conway is just such a brilliant performer.

So it was absolutely necessary for me to go to his book signing in Pasadena last Friday and although I've gotten better going up to authors since starting this blog and attending more author events, I did have to clutch both of my hands together so I wouldn't see it shaking once I was closer to the signing table.  Oh well.  I'm terribly in awe of Tim Conway and I was so happy to get his autograph!

The best part of the signing was the short Q&A beforehand.  While the moderator was introducing Tim, he was already standing up front and feigning boredom at his list of credits and praise of his book.  Once the moderator finally stopped talking, he took questions from the audience and pretty much started off each of his answers with a joke, mocking everything he could - himself, the question, the answer, the person who asked it, while also giving some funny anecdotes.  I don't think I've ever laughed so much at an author event - Tim Conway is so funny and entertaining!  My favorite moment was when someone's phone went off in the front row of the audience and Tim answered the phone.  His first response is to tell the caller that the guy they are trying to reach was just knocked out.  And it just gets funnier from there.  I recorded the moment and wanted to share it on my blog -

One more hilarious moment was when a lady started to say "I had the pleasure of meeting you..." and Tim immediately said "How's the baby?"  I'm still firmly convinced Tim is one of the greatest comedians of all time, and I was so happy to have this chance to meet him!  I don't even want to mention the actual signing cause I think I mumbled something fangirly and it's just so embarrassing.  But he's so awesome.  The event was far too short, and like my Mom said (who came with me) we could have listened to him talk for hours!  I look forward to reading his book, and I'll post my review of it here sometime soon!

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Of course I can't pass up on sharing something of his work (for anyone who hasn't seen him in anything - which is unacceptable.  Maybe you've seen him in the Disney films with Don Knotts though, so good job!).  This is one of my very favorite sketches from The Carol Burnett Show - No Frills Airline  - where you pay less for your seat, but it is definitely not worth it.

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  1. I'm always amazed by what great speakers are when I go to author events! Many of them are just so funny :) I think it's great that you went to a book signing for a non-fiction book, I love non-fiction and feel like author events are even harder to find than they are for fiction authors.

    1. I don't really go to non-fiction book events unless it's an author that I really like, so maybe I'm missing out and should try going to more cause this was really fun! But then I am a big fan of Tim Conway so I was bound to enjoy it!