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Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Perfect Betrayal

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Perfect Betrayal (Double Helix #2)
by Jade Kerrion

Plot Summary:

Danyael Sabre, an object of desire, would much rather not be. An alpha empath by birth, a doctor by training, and an empathic healer by calling, he is stalked by the military that covets his ability to kill, not heal. Bereft of two days of memories, he finds himself on the run under the protection of an assassin, Zara Itani.

The more he uncovers of his lost hours, the more he doubts everything that once anchored him. He knows only that he endangers those around him and that he is falling in love with Zara, who hates him for reasons he no longer remembers.

As forces—both powerful and ruthless—threaten those he cares for, Danyael has only two options. He can betray his values and abandon the path of the healer, or he can wait to be betrayed, not by enemies, but by his friends.

A note:

I reviewed the first book in the series earlier this year and loved it.  So I was very eager to read the next book in the series, and this time around I'm also participating in the author's blog tour.


This was a fantastic sequel to the first book.  The action and danger is escalated, with Danyael even more mentally and physically damaged by the uncontrollable forces that seek to control or use him.  His fight for his personal freedom, so hampered by the judgements and motivations of his friends and enemies, fuels the conflict that is thoughtfully juxtaposed against Danyael's physical copy, Galahad's fight for his own freedom.  The tension ratchets higher as the odds continue to stack against Danyael, setting up what I hope to be a great ending to the trilogy.

The beginning of the novel drags a little as the author introduces new sides to Danyael and Zara's relationship. Although the twists and turns of their romance is intriguing, the beginning felt a little repetitive in terms of action.  But when "someone" is kidnapped, both the plot and the suspense picks up until it is impossible to put the book down.  The author continues to create an intelligent and compelling tale, with complex characters and an intricate plot.  The character interactions are especially involved and I think it adds so much to the reality of this world.  This is another breath-taking installment of the Double Helix series!

a review copy was kindly provided by the author

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