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Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Nimpentoad

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by Henry, Joshua and Harrison Herz

Plot Summary:

Nimpentoad is the tale of a courageous and resourceful little Nibling who leads his tribe through the perilous Grunwald forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way. Nimpentoad is an engaging story with fantastic illustrations, and positive lessons of teamwork, creativity, perseverance and leadership.


This is a short, illustrated fantasy book for young children. I reviewed a kindle version of this book which I don’t recommend if you want to appreciate the detail and artistry of the illustrations of the Niblings and the strange and dangerous creatures they encounter on their quest to see the Giant. It’s a simple story that I can see engaging children, especially with the aid of the illustrations, and I found the main character, Nimpentoad, to be a strong, smart and likable hero to lead his people. I also appreciated a children’s story that introduced so many well known fantasy characters to children - trolls, orcs, and giants - and adding wolves and scorpions to the mix. It’s a straightforward story, with the story tension built in how the Niblings overcome or bypass each successive danger they encounter and I think it’s a story that children can very much enjoy.

a review copy was kindly provided by the author

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