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Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Pride and Mother F*cking Prejudice

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Pride & Mother F*cking Prejudice (Classic-Ass Lit #2)
by J.K. Really
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Plot Summary:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman of small fortune, must be in want of a husband. But you can trust and believe single, not-rich Lizzy Bennet was doing just fine. She was too busy cracking up her best friend Charlotte, hiking new cross-country trails, and helping her older sister Jane keep their younger sisters out of sexy trouble with a nearby regiment of taut young soldiers to worry all that much about finding some man.

Pride and Motherf*cking Prejudice is a re-telling of the greatest novel ever written, because while Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is perfect in every way, you can only read it for the first time once. And she left out all the curse words. Experiencing this iconic romance as a mashup of the original verbatim dialogue and Lizzy Bennet voicing how modern readers react to Mr. Darcy and life at Longbourn gives fans of the original a chance to experience the greatest love story ever told as though for the first time...AND finally see Mr. Wickham properly cursed out.


After having loved J.K. Really's "imaginative" take on Jane Eyre, I was eager to read her next Classic Literature retelling, and her version of Pride and Prejudice was another hilarious experience!  It differed from her take on Jane Eyre, in that Lizzy Bennet's crass, and colorful way of speaking was heard by all, but not remarked upon as odd by any character (where in "Jane Eyre" Jane's colorful language was restricted to her innermost thoughts).  I thought it was an interesting distinction - of course it works much better for Lizzy to speak her mind, and it makes for some wonderful moments when she can really call out Mr. Collins or Mr. Wickham!  And of course Mr. Darcy as well.

For me, I did feel that since Austen's original work already has so much humor built in with certain characters and scenes, that J.K. Really's injection of humor only built on what was there, and didn't add as much to the story as I was hoping.   At times it got a little repetitive, but then I would always perk up when a particular scene that would be fun to explore through Lizzy's more outspoken lens would come up.  There is a sense too, that Lizzy is the voice of the reader, especially when she makes one or two vague modern references, which made me laugh, as I totally identified with her thoughts!

The dialogue is very rude at times, and Lizzy is (entertainingly!) forthright about her feelings, so that I thought this was still a hilarious take on the original, and for fans of Pride and Prejudice, I'm sure there is a bit of satisfaction in Wickham getting cursed out, and in Mr. Darcy getting really called out on his bad manners.

(Next book will be a take on Wuthering Heights!  This is gonna be gooooodddd!!!)

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