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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Favorite Book in Each Genre (Part 2)

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Last week I posted my favorite books in each genre, but only focusing on the 'adult' side.  This post is all about the Young Adult side, because I have so many favorites that I feel that I should distinguish them this way.

Why I picked Fangirl:
This is my favorite Rainbow Rowell book so far, and it just does everything for me.  Cath is such a believable and sympathetic character, the story is sweet, funny and poignant, and it features a thing I'm very familiar with - being a fangirl.  I can't love Rainbow enough for bringing this story to life for all the fangirls, and all the awkward, shy girls!  And OMG, the romance is so beautifully done!

Why I picked Finnikin of the Rock:
YA fantasy is my most read genre, going by the archive list on my blog, and for me this book transcends all others in it's class.  The characters are fully developed and realized, the stakes are huge and the emotion is genuine and heartfelt.  It's an epic story too - especially when you get to the last book and realize how many characters play a part, and how important they all are to each other.  The sheer beauty of this series makes me so emotional.

Why I picked Unspoken:
This is a book that fits into more then just a mystery genre (it's probably technically fantasy), but this is what leapt to mind when I thought about my favorite YA mystery.  And there is a lot of suspense in this story.  Kami makes a wonderful detective too - in the vein of Nancy Drew, but with a lot more snark and fun.  And the fact that there is such a good romance thrown in definitely helps for me!

Why I picked Cress:
The Lunar Chronicles has steadily built up it's world and characters through the series, and with this latest one, I was blown away by how well all the characters and the fast-paced story were balanced perfectly.  This is light on the science fiction perhaps, with the focus more on the character drama, but I adore every bit of it, and am fully expecting to love the next book, Winter, as much or maybe more than this third, perfect book.

Why I picked Marina in a Green Dress:
This is a simple story in its way, and it reminds me of the thrillers I used to love to read when I was younger.  The R.L. Stine, Lois Duncan and Christopher Pike novels that kept me enthralled.  There's so much suspense in this, as well as a celebrity crush (which I totally understand) because the main character is a bit of a fangirl.  I loved that I could totally see myself falling for the heartthrob character just because I admire his talent, but in this book that situation turns dangerous.

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