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Friday, August 21, 2015

8 Reasons to Sign Up For Misfits and Daydreamers

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A few weeks ago, I looked at my twitter and saw a ton of notifications.  What was going on?  This was not normal.  But this was how I found out that I was picked to join the Truthwitch street team!  Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is coming out in January, and looks to be an exciting fantasy with echoes of The Last Airbender with elemental witches and an epic friendship at it's heart.  I haven't read it yet, but I'm dying to because it sounds amazing, and I'm so happy to be a part of the street team!

This is my first time participating with a street team actually, so I'm not sure what to expect, and it has just barely gotten started, so I really look forward to what's in store.  So far, the members - or Witchlanders - have been sorted into different "clans" which are all represented by an element.  I'm in the Water clan (woot Waterwitches!) and we decided to put together this post of reasons why you should sign up for Susan Dennard's wonderful newsletter "Misfits and Daydreamers" which has so much cool info!  The Misfits stand in for Susan's readers, while the Daydreamers are for the writers.  It's truly something I look forward to reading every week, and not just because I'm in the street team!  So please read on to see why you should sign up, and to meet some awesome bloggers!

And as an aside, if you are interested in Truthwitch and would like to be a part of the street team, signing up for the newsletter will give you information on how you can be picked to join in the future!  We're all a cool bunch! :)

Kit is a self-proclaimed book blogger and writer, on top of being a HS Junior and a Virginian, all of which has led to a coffee addiction. She blogs at Kit's Books.

Daydreamers: you love to write, but never know where to start or what to do? Susan Dennard gives some of the best advice you could hope for, all coming from personal experience!

Misfits: You want Truthwitch, you've heard about Truthwitch, but you're tired of getting second hand information from bloggers? Well get it straight from the author herself! Sign up for Susan Dennard's newsletter and always be the first to receive brand new Truthwitch content!

Carine is a crazy french blogger with many book boyfriend. She loves books, and dreams of meeting her favorite authors. But the best thing is when she sees her 7 year old daughter read so many books. You can find her on Ceres Book World.

If you want to know more about Sooz and have inside information about her books, which games she plays, what music she listens to, you can find all that as a Misfit.
If you want tips about writing you can also find that as a Daydreamer.
And if you just want to be a fangirl, Susan loves to hear about her fans and she always answers. So what are you waiting for subscribe?

Gabi is a professional book lover. She lives in the Sunshine State and loves anything with chocolate in it. She blogs, she reads, she fangirls and she eats. You can find her on BooksABlog.

Daydreamer: I as a teen writer LOVES to look at inspiration for my writing. And Sooz’s writing is such an inspiration for us young writers. She teaches you, she’s gives amazing tips, and again she is SOOZ, why wouldn’t you join?

Misfit: Sooz is a awesome sauce person and I as a Gabi love learning new things about her. Joining her newsletter is a amazing way to get to know the person behind all of these amazing books.

Katrina is an avid reader that loves to blog, and talk books with pretty much anyone she meets. She also spends her time navigating imaginary worlds with her kids. You can find her at Bookish Things and More.

If you’re a Misfit you will love all the insider info Susan gives in her newsletters. You also get to see what she’s up to besides writing.

If you’re a Daydreamer, Susan has tons of writing advice, and is amazing at giving tips to tackle NaNoWriMo. Seriously, she’s pretty freaking awesome sharing the ins and outs of how she writes!

Kim is a book-obsessed physics student from Germany loving everything that has to do with books such as reading, writing or making bookish pendants. Her book blog Dreaming in Libraries.

You’re looking for writing advices? Look no further! Susan is giving you the best advice you’ll ever get! She is openly talking about her writing experience and telling you in her newsletter how she tackles certain problems. Really, it’s a pleasure to read these personal advices and I’ve basically read each advice she’s ever given which has helped me so much!

Charlene is a blogger at Bookish Whimsy, fangirls things almost full time and enjoys discovering new things about life, the universe and everything... through the pages of a good book.

Fangirls ought to stick together, and fortunately, Susan Dennard is one of us. It’s so great to read about her authorly process as well as her awesome writing tips, but I really enjoy getting a glimpse of the things she enthuses over. For instance, I very much appreciated her picture of the Outlander cast from San Diego Comic Con! (Who wouldn’t appreciate that though??) Music and video games can also get a spotlight. It’s a personal and fun touch to an already wonderfully informative newsletter!

Louisse is a part-time book blogger, part-time foodie and a full-time fangirl. She enjoys meeting people from all over the world from her little nook in the Philippines. You can find her at Soul Sisters where she blogs with her best friend. 

Filled with solid and honest writing advice, interesting and relevant updates, and super fun extras, Susan Dennard's Misfits & Daydreamers newsletter has a bit for everyone. Susan connects with her readers and shows them that they have a place with her. Everyone is welcome to not just the author aspect of her but to even peeks at her personal life. No emotion can express what it feels like to stare at your inbox every Friday in anticipation for Susan's newsletter; they are definitely not to be missed.

Alyssa is the book blogger and reviewer behind The Eater of Books! blog.  When she isn't reading or blogging, she is studying tirelessly at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Environmental Engineering, Spanish, and Earth & Planetary Sciences.  Find her at eaterofbooks.blogspot.com

What drew me to sign up for the Misfits & Daydreamers newsletter was actually two things: Susan Dennard is an amazing person and fabulous writer, so why wouldn't I sign up?! But also, the title is splendid! Underneath our complex layers, we're all misfits and daydreamers. It is delightful and inspiring to be able to peer directly into the mind of a writer, especially one as fun and energetic as Sooz! Exclusive content and writing advice are precious gifts, but being able to read more than just the author's books and stories is priceless.
(+ a bonus reason - Olivia was able to post for today!)

Olivia blogs at The Candid Cover. Most days she can be found with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Her other hobbies include cycling and swimming. Fangirling over numerous authors that she equates as rockstars consumes most of her time. If you would like to fangirl with Olivia, pop over to her blog at The Candid Cover.

I absolutely love receiving Sooz’s Misfits and Daydreamers newsletter! First of all, there are always sneak peeks included in each week’s installment. Who doesn’t love getting an exclusive look at an excerpt over even a map that will appear in her upcoming book? Also, although I am not a writer, I have seen many writers thank and compliment Sooz for her various tips and tricks that she uses in her writing process. This is a real testament to the dedication and amount of love that Susan Dennard pours into each of her novels. So what are you waiting for???

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