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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Pros and Cons of a Book Boyfriend

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Oh, the book boyfriend.  Our special babies.  And our life ruiners.  I have had quite my share of book boyfriends during the course of my reading life, and I'm sure I will have many more.  But it has struck me that,  like with most things, there are pros and cons to my love affair with them.  In this post, I set out what those pros and cons are--

~ PROS ~

They are literally perfect

Well I'm sure they have their flaws in the story - they can be growly, over-protective or moody.  Or maybe they have adorable quirks that annoy the heroine.  Whatever right?  Because they are also always focused on the heroine and will do anything to make sure she is safe and/or feels supported.  So I'm good with that and ready to forgive any unimportant faults!

The book boyfriend can never disappoint us

When things can get overwhelming in real life, I can always pick up a book and know that my book boyfriend is there, ready to entertain, charm or completely devastate me emotionally.  They are dependable like that, and always preferable to real life problems!

We can obsess over them and it's not creepy

Because no one really needs to know how many times I read that book... or scene, amiright?  If the heroine can obsess over perfect jawlines and hair than so can I.  And personalities too!  I'm not superficial! Err...

~ CONS ~

It can be hard for other people to understand

Like family, friends... a real boyfriend - they just don't get it!  It's nice to be able to share the interest with someone, especially if I really want to talk about it, but unfortunately not everyone can understand why these characters are so important to me.

It can be hard when you compare them to real guys

(I don't mean you Nathan!)
Well, if you are looking for those yummy qualities you adore in the book boyfriend in real life, it is hard to find everything.  And that can be disappointing.  And maybe that's unfair, so that's on me ... or the author for creating such perfect guys.  (Of course I do know some wonderful couples who are perfect for each other so... jealous)

Um... they're not real

Probably the biggest con!  It's hard to remember sometimes with all the time I can spend thinking about them, but eventually the cold, hard truth seeps back in that I'm stuck on this side of reality, and they are page bound.  

Usually after a discussion of Pros and Cons, we see which outweighs the others.  It came out even for me, so I think the only thing I can do is keep reading, and keep blogging because the book bloggers are the ones that can understand and commiserate with my sad situation. :)

Are there any other pros/cons you can think of?  Who are your book boyfriends of the moment?

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