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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Season 4 - Top 5 Favorite Episodes

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It's season four time and Deep Space Nine is really growing on me!  Although I did have a hard time picking a fifth episode to add to my list - I only had four noted by the end.  But really everything I've seen from this series so far pales in comparison to my number one favorite episode from this season.  But more on that later!

I was glad to see Worf joining the crew - his dynamic so far with the group is pretty fun!  And I haven't mentioned this in my previous DS9 posts, but I have such a fondness for the character of Garak.  I really love how ambiguous he is and how he never gives a straight answer about anything.  His character is a delight to me.  There was an episode early on (The Wire) that really delved into his character, but I actually didn't like delving into his mystique too much, so I didn't enjoy that episode as much as I would have thought.  I also found out that the actor - Andrew Robinson - works as a professor of the acting school at the university I work at, so.... I am kinda hoping that one day I will see him!  At least I do keep on the lookout for any public lectures he gives because I will so be there!

5. Little Green Men

Quark, Nog and Rom crash land on Earth, to find that they also traveled back in time to the 1940s.  So it turns out I can like a Ferengi episode!  But this just barely ranks in my list honestly.  I think the premise of this episode is more fun than the actual episode at times, but it was interesting to see DS9 deal with the alien mythos that we currently have.  We get to understand more about why everyone can understand each other in the future and there was a lot of humor in the military meeting Ferengi for the first time. The Vulcans are definitely much better first contact species.  And I was truly delighted when we discovered that Odo had hitched a ride with Quark and his family!

4. Hard Time

O'Brien is released from jail after serving for 20 years, only to find out that it was all in his mind which is how jail sentences are served on the particular planet he was on.  And even though hardly any time has passed, the effects of those 20 years, hang heavily on him.  Poor Miles - he really gets mentally beat up a lot on this show!  I suppose it's interesting to see how a generally positive and well meaning character deals with these trials though.  I thought this was a very heart-breaking episode, with a very interesting premise.  The whole serving a long jail sentence in just a few minutes seems like a good deal - at least you have a long life to live when you get out.  Although of course there are still consequences of having been imprisoned for so long.

3. Our Man Bashir

Most of the DS9 senior staff are accidentally stored for safety in the holosuite program Dr. Bashir is running and suddenly he and his co-workers are involved in a grand espionage adventure.  It's a fun premise, and seeing how each of the characters will turn up in the holosuite program was so much fun.  Especially when they were evil.  Sisko does evil very well with that measured way he has of speaking.  This felt like a fluff episode, but I very much enjoyed it!

2. Crossfire

When Major Kira begins a relationship with a Minister for Bajor, Odo has to deal with his feelings.  Ugh. So many feels in this episode!  Unrequited love stories are the best, and I'm loving how they are developing Kira and Odo's. Odo himself is so tragic a figure in general, that to see him also this way makes me even more in love with his character.  And the scene where Quark figures out Odo's feelings was fantastic - I know they have a love/hate relationship so it's a stroke of genius to have Quark the one to understand Odo's feelings.  This was a wonderful episode!

1. The Visitor

The episode begins with a much older Jake Sisko being visited by a fan of his books.  And Jake tells the story of why he stopped writing which begins with the death of his father.  Just from the beginning, I was in awe of this episode - how unexpected to begin the episode with the death of one of the main characters and this episode is not a flashback episode!  That's already brilliant writing for me.  This episode also made me look up Cirroc Lofton's career because the way he portrayed grief at his father's death impressed me very much.  It was often hard to watch this episode because of the overwhelming grief, and I was tearing up throughout.  This episode is a beautifully told, emotional and touching story of the love between a father and a son.   And just as Jake deals with the loss of his father, he has to deal with him turning up in his life sporadically and inexplicably.  The tragedy and the beauty in Jake's love for his father elevated this episode to a masterful examination of filial love. 

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