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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Journey Home: Final Thoughts on Finnikin of the Rock

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Chapter 17 - The End 
General First Impressions of Finnikin of the Rock



Okay, how many people got that Evanjalin was really Isaboe??  When I first read this book, I so didn't pick up on that, so the reveal was a punch to the gut!  And re-reading the story again, keeping in mind that she is the youngest princess, I still find it difficult to pick up on it.  I was surprised by that because  I thought it might be obvious, but the way Melina keeps working in mentions of Balthazar or the prophecy that seems to point to Finnikin being King, I really don't feel too bad not realizing the truth sooner.  I think Melina did a great job obfuscating the facts, because it was an incredible reveal for me.  And I loved how Evanjalin just became Isaboe when the time came - despite her fears and the darkness that came from walking the sleep, she does what needs to be done.  Always.

And while I at times still think of Isaboe as the main character of Finnikin of the Rock, I think I understand now why Melina made Finnikin the title character - because he grows the most in the story.  All of the books in this series are named after the character that has the most to learn I think, and in this Finnikin comes to understand many things he needed to by the time he comes to accept his true role.  So of course my co-host Paola is right in her comments from our intro post!

There's another thing I love in this story - those moments when the motivations or circumstances behind questionable actions are revealed and other characters are humbled by the reveal.  For instance when Evanjalin walks the sleep while she's not supposed to be bleeding, or when Trevanion finds out why Beatriss had another child.  It's incredibly moving to find out how strong these characters are, not from the character themselves (they either don't want to talk about it or explain themselves), but from a third person with a little more understanding.  It is indeed very humbling to read about what these characters have had to endure.

I hope everyone has finished the book by now!  I really look forward to reading your thoughts on it, and if you would like to comment with those thoughts, head over to A Novel Idea who is in charge of the discussions this week!  Bombard her with your feels! :D

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  1. I agree. It is humbling to read what these characters went through. They were all so strong and endured so, so much. I have to admit I did know who Evanjalin was, but I still didn't trust her from the start. Particularly with that prophecy, I thought it was still referring to Finnikin and that she was going to get him killed. I like Finnikin better so I was all for pushing Evanjalin into the curse and letting her die instead. Is that mean? I think so ... but still.

    I agree that Melina did well at hiding it, but I tend to jump far for my conclusions because the biggest twists in books are usually the biggest jumps from the start. It probably would be more fun if I didn't try to predict what the big twist was.

    I liked how Evanjalin became Isaboe as well. It wasn't until then that I really decided I liked her. I don't know why, but I'm pretty harsh on leading ladies and I was tough on Evanjalin the whole time. Mostly because she kept doing things to upset Finnikin, and I adored him and usually agreed with his opinion. Even if he was a little immature ... and even though Evanjalin was usually right in the end.

    1. I went through that too - not trusting Evanjalin, but that was before I knew she was Isaboe, so I think the author definitely wanted to lead me to distrust her! Well I am glad that Finn and Isaboe both survived so they can rule together! I am glad that you liked Finnikin so much - he is a cutie even in his pigheaded-ness. :)

  2. I guessed it, but not too long before it was revealed - which I liked, because it's no fun when you guess right away. I think it was the emphasis on the Mont Princess, and that Evajalin was a Mont that really made me think it in the end.

    I actually thought it was kind of nice that Beatriss had moved on, in a way. I don't like mopey characters, and it shows that she is strong. However, I hope she'll find room in heart for Trevanion again!

    1. Yes, I did like being shocked by that twist! The emphasis on the Monts should have been a giveaway true. I think it very unfair of Topher not to have spilled the beans earlier though!

      I do like that Beatriss doesn't just fall in with Trevanion immediately - I mean I probably would have liked it if she had done (so romantic!) but I am glad that there is that extra level of realism to their relationship because they both went through so much, that I'm sure they need some time to process it.

  3. Is there a public schedule for all the posts for this event? I'm putting up my review and would like to direct people to review from the other participants, if there's a list somewhere. Thanks! :)