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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Journey Home - The Duchesses review Quintana of Charyn

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Another post related to The Journey Home is going live on A Novel Idea today.  Finnikin of the Rock and book blogging brought me together with three great bloggers - Charlotte from Gypsy Reviews, Tory from The Sleeping Latte and of course my co-host Paola, and we all decided to style ourselves the Duchesses of Lumatere.  (That's something everybody should do!  Give yourself a title!)  Since we all loved the first two books in this series we decided to read the last book Quintana of Charyn together.  And it was a great idea to have a support group in place for when we all completely keeled over from the awesomeness of this book.  Please go over to Paola's blog to check out our thoughts on the story and the series in general.  And thank you so much to the Duchesses for being such a fab group of people!  I'm so happy to know you all!!  #TrevanionBearHug!!

Image credit to Charlotte from Gypsy Reviews

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