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Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Incorrigibility

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by Rayme Michaels

Plot Summary:
This is a character- and dialogue-driven novella of raunchy, bawdy, irreverent humor. Besides being completely and utterly hysterical, it's a good way for women to get inside the brains of men, as a lot of it is guys talking the way they do when women aren't around, or saying what they often have on their minds, but are too bashful, due to the politically correct status quo, to actually speak. It is a quirky relationship/sex-comedy, where the boundaries of the mundane are mocked, bent, ridiculed, pushed, pummeled, pulverized, pounded, picked on and provoked. It also holds within it the most riotous courtroom trial you'll ever encounter! It is a tad-bit existential and critical of religion as well, and does have its serious and sappy - yet genuine - moments. 

WARNING: Coarse language and very sexual subject-matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Expectations: The plot synopsis is pretty straight-forward, and the story itself is very short, so I was expecting everything the author was selling!

The synopsis is pretty accurate!  My perspective on the events in this novella is going to get a little female, so bear with me.  As the synopsis says, this novella gets inside the brains of men, and if this is what men are thinking all the time, no wonder men censor themselves. Keep doing it, men of the world!  The story centers around three men with a spectrum of neuroses.  Brent - battling his baser nature (or as one of the characters might say - human nature), Matt - fully embracing sensual hedonism and expecting everyone to admire him for it,  and then Jesse in the middle - struggling to maintain balance between his wants and finding a deeper meaning in life.  This is a pretty basic character overview, but one I feel is accurate, as the characters feel more like a means to the end of presenting the author's thoughts and ideas.  The story is short however and maybe a longer treatment could have fleshed out the characters a little more. 

The men are all irredeemable and incorrigible (that's the watch word!), and sadly the women in this novella are much the same way (add crazy and idiots to that too, although the men aren't much better in that department) so that through verbal combat between the three main characters,  as they debate their different viewpoints, there isn't any kind of solution unless it's the idea that no one really cares anyway.  And you can just keep doing whatever you want to do.  This is a cynical, critical, romp of a story wrapped up in outrageous thoughts and political incorrectness.  I don't agree much with any of the character's viewpoints, except for the hard and cold fact that the sheer beauty and skill in the music of the Beatles is cosmically blessed. :)

review copy kindly provided by the author 
this novella is available on Lulu or Barnes and Noble

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