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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: 12 Precious Anecdotes From Life

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12 Precious Anecdotes From Life
by Payal Roy

Plot Summary:
12 short stories that initiate the ball of fate rolling on the court of life. Meet Samantha, John, Amy, Uncle Ben and an octogenarian amongst a dozen other faces who share their anecdotes through this book.

What do they have in common? Successful and interesting people from a diverse background, their paths cross with Anita Maher. This sets off a cascade of events that compels everyone to look back at their own lives. How is Anita affected? Other people too seem to bump into Anita all of a sudden . Does life want to convey a message to all?

12 heartfelt anecdotes from their lives kept a secret all this while, only to be revealed to Anita, when time seems limited and many ventures still left unexplored. Does life give a second chance? Find out in this book which shares their exploits and adventures through their intriguing and engaging vignettes on life.

Expectations: An inspirational book couched in fiction, I was intrigued by how well the author would get the message across while also creating interesting stories.

The twelve stories in this novella are very short and with that, character and plot development is formulaic and simple.  The main focus of this novella is to convey nuggets of wisdom to enrich your life and make you think about what is really important.  The stimulating messages range over friendship, family, pets, and self-worth; providing insight into the common pitfalls of our  workaholic, profit-driven society.  This is a simple book with few pretensions, and inspiring words for jaded individuals.

review copy kindly provided by the author

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