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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Four Year Blogoversary

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I don't have anything special planned, but I wanted to acknowledge that it was four years ago today that I started this blog!

This is cliche I know, but when I started, I would never have thought I'd make it to four years.  I am so used to picking up hobbies and gradually letting them fall away. :)  I have seen more recently how much harder it is to keep blogging - to find the time, or find the inspiration for new and interesting posts.  But I still find it very rewarding, and I feel accomplished whenever I schedule a new post.  I hope I can keep blogging for a long time.

I didn't expect either to have gotten to know so many wonderful bloggers internationally because of this.  It's always been a fantastic perk - just checking in with bloggers through all the social media makes me happy, and I thank every one who visits the blog and keeps in touch.  I'm so grateful for everyone.  It's wonderful to be a part of the blogging community!

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