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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Making Waves with the Waterwitch Babes

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Making Waves is a weekly question feature created by the Waterwitch Babes (part of Susan Dennard's Truthwitch Street Team). Every Thursday, we’ll have a fun question that all are welcome to answer on their blog. The questions will be random and/or relate to the upcoming book Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. A linky is provided so that everyone can link up their post and participate in the fun! 

To participate we do ask that you use the Making Waves banner in your post and link back to the Waterwitch Babes blog.

Question 1: Why do you think water is an important element?

First, a little info about the street team here - the bloggers who were chosen were (randomly?) placed into different clans that are represented by one of the classical elements - earth, air, fire, water, as well as aether and the void - and obviously I'm in the Water clan and our awesome clan designated ourselves as the Waterwitch Babes.  

I did not pick Water as my element, but being in the clan and exploring all the graphical and thematic aspects of it, has heightened my appreciation of it.  Already I feel like I have a connection to water because I love the sea, and my favorite Disney princess is Ariel so mermaids are definitely cool. 

One of the aspects of water that I'm really connecting with though, is how water flows and adapts to it's environment.  The ability to adapt fluidly to what comes your way is such an incredible gift.  It's what can keep you young at heart, aware, present, and ultimately happy.  If you can accept change, and know that you will be okay regardless, well it is a wonderful thing.  And water is the best element that represents that ability to move and go with the flow as they say.

With the street team, we are given a tasks and at the moment our task was to create some kind of art that represents our clan, and the Waterwitch Babes thought it would be fun to showcase what we created in our posts - so here is my tribute to water and Truthwitch!

Making Waves is a way to celebrate and talk about Truthwitch, so this meme will have a focus on that.  If you would like to join the street team, Susan Dennard and her team are still adding new members - people with enthusiasm and a lot of interest can be picked to join, and if you do find yourself picked - I hear the Water clan is a very good one to go to. ;)

 We would love for everyone to join us next week (Thursday!) by answering our next question on their blog:

9/24 - Which Truthwitch character would you like to have as a best friend?

Please use the Linky below if you plan to join us, by adding your Name, Blog and URL so we can be sure to stop by!

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