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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Blog Announcement

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Hello all!  I wanted to post briefly on a change I'm making to my posting schedule on the blog.  I do like to keep to a regular schedule, as that motivates me to keep on track, but lately, I've been finding it a big of a grind to keep to a four post a week schedule.  So I'm dropping it to three posts a week - with the third post being my usual Suspense Sundays feature.  This is not a big change, and not even a negative one in my opinion, as it frees up time for me to do things that I'm interested in, and participate in events that I'm really excited about.  Currently these are the things that I would like my little extra time to go towards:

  • Truthwitch Street Team shenanigans: The Water Clan is so awesome, and we have lots of ideas and plans ahead for being the best book street team ever!  I find it is taking up quite a bit of my time too.

  • French: Because of a recent twitter chat, I found a French teacher who gives online classes for an affordable price, and it's really motivating me to finally move ahead with the smattering of French I have.  And with a teacher, I can pick a focus, which for now will be working on my ability to read French.  Obviously I have to keep up with studying because now that I have someone to hold me accountable, I can't let it slide! :)  (If you are interested in French classes - let me introduce you to Emma!)

  • Reading: With the above two events, I'm finding I have less time to just read, and that is unacceptable!  

  • Disney Tsum Tsum:  Okay, this is a game you can play on your phone where you connect cute Disney characters, and it's super addicting!  Fair warning.  I spend way too much time playing this game (but I want to improve my score!!)
So with all of that my new posting schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  It might change in the future if my plans change, but I definitely do not want to give up on blogging, so this is the best compromise!  And heads up - my next post on Thursday will be something new!

Thank you for reading and for following my blog, you lovely people you!

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