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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Fangirl Process

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I'm a fangirl.  It's a label that suits me well, because I just like liking things, and it's wonderful to feel that sort of connection/obsession with a 'thing' that just speaks to everything that makes me happy.  And I go through the genesis of fangirly obsession every now and again with a new thing and it's always fun for me to experience that.  It's my fangirl high and it's so much better than drugs and a little bit healthier (for my physical health at least).  I feel like I consistently go through the same steps when I start to fangirl something and I had the idea to detail the process in this post - from newbie to that high level of fangirl when I feel like I've completely subsumed the thing into my head.  It's just a thing I need to do!  I feel like I can share this on my blog, because I know there are so many similarly obsessive, but normal (right?) bloggers out there who can understand (I hope!) :D

So here's my process to becoming a complete, embarrassingly enthusiastic fangirl!

This is the very beginning - when I've seen the thing that I will fall in love with.  It can be a book, a movie, a TV show or an actor/actress.  (Songs are different for me - they take a different obsessive path!)  Usually it takes me a few days to really comprehend what is happening.  The thing, consumes my thoughts for a time - I want to engage with it for awhile - re-watch, re-read, etc.  Take in every detail, and dwell on what I love about it.  I even sometimes think about what I don't love about it so much - but I soon forget those thoughts.

Ah this is why I love Ariel so much - she's a fangirl for human stuff!
Now that I'm starting the fangirl process, I'm interested in learning more.  If it's a book, I want to finish the series or read more by the author.  If it's a TV show, I need to watch more, and if it's an actor I need to watch everything they have been in.  I start the library/Netflix/Roku searches and add.  There are also internet searches to see what's out there about the thing.  I like to know everything!  Wikipedia, IMDb, Goodreads, Twitter, Tumblr - they all get a stop by.  This is when things truly start getting out of hand.

But the collecting phase is when things get crazy!  Obviously I need a copy of the thing I love, and I probably already have it by now - but then I need more.  More copies, more ancillary items, licensed merchandising, photos, etc.  If I can physically see the new object of my fangirling - like go to an author signing or see a celebrity in a play/musical - then I'm there!  It's a part of my collecting phase to collect experiences and feel the need to support the thing with time, money and attention.  Cause I have it bad.  And engaging in every way makes me feel happy.

Now that I'm so into the thing, I want to engage with other fans.  I want to read what they think - compare my thoughts to theirs - perhaps seek them out to talk about things.  I might post on my blog too, as a call to arms as it were and see who else 'feels me' on these things.  I might join groups, or follow people, or save the all important 'tags' to my tumblr blog.  (Tumblr is just amazing for fans!)

This is a step that I don't get to often - it's just for my top obsessions that I like to create things.  And now it's mostly for Jane Eyre.  But I mean things like photo manips - photoshoppy things for my phone wallpaper, or to post on tumblr for fun.  I have my Jane Eyre websites too - which is something I really enjoyed creating to collect the fruits of my obsession.  I wish I was a better artist, too because I'm sure I would create some fan art in a heartbeat.

Are there any steps I missed?  Things that other people don't really do?? 

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