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Monday, March 2, 2015

Away to Whimsical FairyTale Land - Introduction

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It's the first day of the week long fairy tale event I'm co-hosting with the lovely Ana @ Read Me Away!  If you want more information about the event - check out my post here.  If you haven't signed up but would like to participate a little, I hope you can join us for our #AWFairyTale twitter chat this Saturday, March 7th at 6pm PST/9pm EST.  It will be for an hour and we'll have questions and trivia to answer!

To the wonderful participants of this event: there is a link-up below on this post, so please add the URL of your introduction post so we can all visit each other! :)  Now on to my introduction answers--

What is the fairy tale you picked? 

The fairy tale I picked is the Grimm Brothers tale - The Six Swans.  I was already familiar with this story and liked it, but analyzing it for this event has given me a better appreciation for the story.  And it has a depth and an emotional drama to it that was surprising to me, since I never really noticed it before.  It was very easy to delve more deeply into this fairy tale (which is what I do for tomorrow's post!)

Why did you pick your fairy tale of choice? 

I picked this one because I've been wanting to read 'Daughter of the Forest' by Juliet Marillier for a long time now, and this gives me the perfect incentive to finally pick it up!  I'm also planning to read 'The Swan Kingdom' by Zoe Marriott because I've really enjoyed a Marriott fairy tale retelling in the past, and this one sounds excellent!


Why do you love fairy tales?

They are magical!  They're timeless, and so elemental in their emotions and simplicity, and it's wonderful to see how they are re-imagined for different times and cultures.  I love how they can make me feel transported into an almost child-like appreciation just for the art of story telling.   Fairy tales are also embedded in our psyche, and I enjoy examining how they have become so.

What are some of your favorite fairy tales?

Well "Beauty and the Beast" and "Bluebeard" are tops - one has a lovely romance, and the other is full of danger and Gothic mystery.  For a more obscure tale, I love one called "The Youth Who Could Not Shiver or Shake" for the humor and irony.  If there were more retellings related to that story, I might have picked it for this event.  For the Friday funtimes post, I plan to talk about my top 5 favorite fairy tales, so there will be more on this later!

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