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Friday, March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life

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Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity is hosting this one day event where bloggers post about their day, and when I saw the blog button on Angie's blog, I decided I wanted to participate!  Trish mentions in her post that it's nice to record a day just to look back on it a few years down the line and see what you did and how your day was, so that is mostly why I was interested in doing this post.  I'm going to detail what was my Wednesday though - March 25th - instead of updating this post with the happenings of today.

So to begin!

7:26 am - 7:00am is when I WANT to get up, but that snooze button is way too convenient sometimes... so this is when I actually got up.  I'll do better the next day!

7:52 am - To get me started in the day I sometimes listen to music as I'm getting breakfast ready - this was the song I felt like listening  to.  Matthew Morrison's rendition of "Over the Rainbow."  I know the orchestration is not unique to Glee (with the ukelele) but I love Matthew's voice on this!

And then I tried a new smoothie recipe - Maple Banana, which was delicious!  Maple syrup, banana, milk, yogurt and ice.  Maybe not the healthiest, but definitely an enjoyable start to the day!

9:00am - I drive to work and I usually get in around this time, and try to get myself organized and figure out what experiments I need to start for the day.  This is my work area - with my desk and work bench.  And the bright sunlight filling the lab space!

Another, more contrived shot of my lab implements - not that it's at all important but there's a pipettor, pipet tips, microcentrifuge tubes, glass cover slips, forceps, a 50ml tube, and a small bottle of proteinase K.

4:00 pm - I was going to take a picture of my lunch, but I forgot (it was just a salad anyways) and then I came across this much more visually appealing food item as I was going about the building.  I do have to go up and down to the different floors of the building I work in sometimes, since the equipment I use is in different rooms.  Sort of annoying, but nice to get the exercise.  And although I took a picture of this cake, that was left all by it's lonesome in the break room, I didn't have a slice since I had no idea who left it there!  I wish I had taken a better shot, but I was afraid of someone coming in and wondering what I was doing taking a picture of cake.  Especially if it's their's!  LOL

6:00pm - Now that the weather's so nice, and daylight savings time means I can go home at 5 and it's not dark, I've been going to the park near our house to exercise for a bit after work.  I usually go with my Mom too and that's our chance to talk about our day, so it's really nice.  

8:00pm - After a shower and dinner, I have the rest of the evening to try and either be productive or relax with a good book or TV episode, so for Wednesday, it was a struggle to fit in some blogging time with some reading time!  Especially since the book I'm currently reading started off so slowly, but is now getting more interesting!  But I needed to catch up with some blogs!

I do not recommend trying to read AND blog at the same time!
10:00pm -  I've a couple hours before I go to sleep, so I'm fitting in some reading time now!  Finally it's time to unwind and escape into a magical world! :D  Thanks for reading this recap of my day!

Still currently reading this book!

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