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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Suspense Sundays (118) After the Movies

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Suspense was a radio series from 1942 to 1962.  I have a fondness for "Old Time Radio" as we call it now, and Suspense is my favorite show.  It sets up weird, dark, scary, or intriguing stories with a plot twist in the end, and all in half an hour.  For Suspense Sundays I'll give a short review of an episode.

"After the Movies"
Air date: September 6, 1959
Starring Kevin McCarthy
>>Episodes here<<

Al and his wife, Ann, take in a movie to relax because Al has been away on a jury for a big trial, and this is his first long break.  When they go to the drugstore for dessert, Ann finds an envelope of money on the floor.  With $10,000.  They take the envelope home and Al promises to call the police in the morning, but Ann insists he do it now.  Some gangsters come to the door soon after and get the money, and take Ann as well - making Al a threat that if he doesn't make sure the jury is a hung jury, Ann will suffer.

While the twist in this one was pretty obvious to me, I think the fact that this story does take a dark turn was surprising to me.  And because I think the twist is obvious, I'll just say it - that Al is the one who the $10,000 bribe was meant for, and he called the gangsters instead of the police.  Keeping that in mind, it was interesting to follow along with the story and hear how Al tries to cover it up along the way.  And if you do listen to this, there is still something more to the story!

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