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Friday, October 3, 2014

Star Trek TNG - The Films

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I finished watching all the films on August 31st, but this post is going up some weeks later.  I just want everyone to know I'm still in mourning over the death of Data.  There was a small part of me that was hoping there would be some ambiguity in his death so that he could come back (although I suppose B-4 is that way) but in addition to Data, the destruction of the Scimitar killed my hope.  Poor Data.  These were some fantastic films so that is my consolation.  It's interesting that Picard gets such a starring turn in all of these films.  Of course Patrick Stewart totally deserves it and contributes to really holding these films together.  But it's nice to think that there were no egos among the cast who might have objected to Stewart leading all the films like he does.  (At least I hope not!)

BTW, I just found out that six of the TNG cast members are appearing at the Star Trek convention in San Francisco.  It's in December, and I'm super excited to go!!  I want all the autographs and pictures my poor wallet can handle!

Like with the first six films with the original series cast, I'm ranking these from my least favorite film to the best (I don't need to even qualify the best film with 'my favorite', it's so clearly the superior film!)

4. Star Trek Insurrection

Even though this is my last ranked film, I really enjoyed this one for the most part - definitely there are great, humorous moments with the cast - like Riker shaving (!), Worf's puberty, and everything Data (when he wasn't being a total bad-ass).  It was also really sweet to see Riker and Deanna reconnecting, although I wonder what happened with her and Worf.  But the pacing is a bit slow at times, and the story itself didn't win me over.  I really enjoyed the exciting denouement, and the fountain of youth idea was interesting, but I found it hard to believe the Federation would condone the destruction of the whole planet - maybe they would relocate the people, but not destroy something so unique!  The romantic connection between Picard and Anij was just okay for me, though I was happy to see Donna Murphy starring in a Trek film!  I would have been much happier seeing Picard and Dr. Crusher reconnecting though!

3. Star Trek Generations

I talked about this film before, and I did not rewatch it after I finished the TNG series because I was just so eager to watch First Contact.  I think putting this film in context with the others, it shows that in this one they were trying to find their footing in placing the TNG crew in a cinematic setting.  They did a great job overall though with giving every crew member their moment in the story, and with bringing Picard and Kirk together in an exciting mission.  And pretty much the very fact that Captain Kirk is brought back in this makes me like this more.  Malcolm McDowell, and the really intense Enterprise crash were also highlights of this for me.  Oh yeah and Time is the fire in which we burn.

2. Star Trek Nemesis

While the whole Picard clone thing was a little weird to me, Tom Hardy was amazing in the role, and having such an absolutely chilling and intense villain in Shinzon really helped focus this film.  And I think the most exciting Star Trek stories come from when everything seems against them and they only have each other to win the day.  The last half hour or so of this film was unbearably suspenseful to me! (And devastating in the end of course).  That ship battle was amazing and intense.  I thought the discussion of how alike Picard and Shinzon are was interesting as well, especially because it is a very difficult argument.  I love that Data was so sure that B-4 would be completely different to him though, despite the fact they share the same makeup and memories.  Data always brings clarity to a situation.  This was not a perfect film, but it built to a terrific finale.  Oh yeah, and Riker and Troi got married!  Finally!

1. Star Trek First Contact

I've heard this was a great film (particularly from fellow Trekkie Amy) but I really was not prepared for how much I would love it!  The Borg are back as the utter villains they were always meant to be - because they are so good in that role.  And this film really captures the horror of the Borg's intentions which contrasts nicely with the hopes and aspirations of humanity which are embodied in Cochran's invention of warp drive.  Even if Cochran is such a drunk and lovable scamp.  The heart of the Enterprise crew and of Picard's courage elevates this to an even more intensely moving story with the crew fighting back despite the hopelessness of the situation.  This was a gorgeously made film with great acting and directing (thank you Jonathan Frakes!) and wonderful moments of humor and lightness to balance the dark despair of the fight on the Enterprise.  Picard's Ahab moment was incredible by the way.  So completely different and yet true to his character and what powerful acting!  And I did do a few fist-pumps when Data turned on the Borg Queen - I don't know why it's so satisfying to me to see Data fierce, but it totally is in a major endorphin rushing way.

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