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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review - 2013

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It's time for a look back on the shenanigans of the past year on my blog!  I'm now heading into my third year of blogging, and I'm still really enjoying maintaining the blog and keeping up with other readers!  I think I will decrease the amount of posts next year though - I tried to post at least 6 times a week this year, but next year I'll make it 4.  I'll have only one regular meme - Suspense Sundays and I'll fill the other three posts with book reviews and random posts.  It'll be easier to read more, and I think that's my main goal for the new year because my official Goodreads count for books read this year is 120!  Which is less than what I read last year.  I don't know how that happened - I felt like I was reading more this year!

Like last year, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite reads of 2013 by category:

TOP INDIE READ:  The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta
Uh, this series is life-changing.  At least for me.  Because I found a new author to adore, and also because of this book I got to know a great group of bloggers with impeccable taste.  This is such an incredible read, and I hope everyone who reads this post has or will read it!  If only they would design classier covers - I would totally buy a copy for every room in my house!

I read this book this month, and I immediately knew it would be the year's highlight.  Just so relatable and honest.  With fantastic characters and storytelling.  There will be much more Rainbow Rowell reading for me next year I'm sure!

TOP JANE EYRE DERIVATIVE READ: Death of a Dowager by Joanna Campbell Slan
I didn't do too well with my Jane Eyre challenge this year - I only read 6 books towards my goal of 20.  I blame the fact that it is harder to find Jane Eyre derivative novels now that I've read all the readily available ones.  But of the books I read for the challenge (excluding my re-read of Jane Eyre of course) - Death of a Dowager was far and away the most true to the novel, and the most entertaining.  I think Joanna writes the what-happens-next for Jane so well, and I really hope there will be another book out in this series.

Other highlights

My post on seeing a live taping of Whose Line Is It Anyways?  A lot of people wanted to know how to get tickets and what going to a live taping is like.  It was a great experience!

Definitely my post on my trip to England earlier this year - Touring Jane Eyre Country.  I actually wrote most of the post on the plane ride back from England, so everything was still pretty fresh in my mind.  And it was such an amazing trip - I really can't wait to go back again!

Two events this year was a true delight for me - going to the Doctor Who Gallifrey One convention in February and meeting up with blogger Paola of A Novel Idea twice!  Once at Sarah J. Maas's book signing and again at the Vegas Valley Book Festival.  Both times I was able to indulge in my inner fangirl and squee (alot) and meeting up with awesome people is always fun!  

Also talking with the fellow Duchesses (more blubbering here) has been the best! I'm so glad to have found such a group of great blogging friends!!  Love you gals!

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  1. So glad you liked fangirl..I started read Finnikin yesterday and it is really good..I think evanjilin might be my hero..she is so feisty..I am about 36% in but I will get back to you when I finish it!

    1. Just got your tweets but again - YAYYYY you enjoyed Finnikin! Fangirl is definitely a book I should have read much sooner!

  2. Wow 3 years!!! I have enjoyed your blog... posting 6 days a week is a lot!! I just post when I have something. So some weeks I suppose there might only be one post! I look forward to your blog in the new year!

    1. Aw thanks! I'm really happy I got into blogging! I know, I'm not sure why I pushed myself to post so much! I think posting less will be much better for me, although I have to get used to not checking to see if my new post went up all the time. :)

  3. I'm so glad to have met another Melina Marchetta fan, and in particular a fellow admirer of The Lumatere Chronicles! You put it perfectly- this series is just life-changing. Hope you have a great 2014!

    1. Ditto! I'm hoping to read the rest of Melina's books this year! Have a Happy New Year too!

  4. I really enjoyed your Finnikin read-a-long :) I haven't finished the series yet, but it's on my to-read list.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Finnikin too! It was great to share it with you!

  5. Oh geez!! I got a mention and I only just now saw this! You know I love you forever, right??

    I'm so happy to be in a Kirk/Spock, Celaena/Nehemia friendship with you!! When we move to Lumatere, please be my neighbor for life~ All the duchesses can live in the same cute little cul de sac. #WhatNeedsToBeDone


    1. Of course! :D I am so happy to have a Kirk/Celaena in my life! And while still waiting around for my tickets to Lumatere, I will try to be good next state neighbors with you! :D