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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Suspense Sundays (64) Dark Journey

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Suspense was a radio series from 1942 to 1962.  I have a fondness for "Old Time Radio" as we call it now, and Suspense is my favorite show.  It sets up weird, dark, scary, or intriguing stories with a plot twist in the end, and all in half an hour.  For Suspense Sundays I'll give a short review of an episode.   {My archive list of episodes}

"Dark Journey"
Air date: April 25, 1946
Starring Nancy Kelly and Cathy Lewis
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Alice reminisces about her friend Ann Brody who 15 years ago, was madly in love with a man named Clyde Dexter.  She loved him so much but he broke up with her to marry someone else.  Ann reveals to her friend Alice that Ann has an ability to make things happen just by wishing for it hard enough.  She's been able to get people to call her by simply wishing, and she decides to make Clyde change his mind and goes by the house to wish at him.  She realizes though that Clyde's mother is stronger and that he will never be his if she is alive.  Later Ann receives news that Clyde's mother has died.  Was Ann responsible?

Aside from how annoyingly clingy and neurotic Ann is about Clyde, I did think this was an excellent Suspense story.  Especially because with the focus on the two women, the real solution to the story just comes as a surprise.  It's not an unpredictable one though.  I think it's interesting how this espisode focuses on the power of women only to have it taken away in the end.

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