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Monday, September 2, 2013

Classics Retold: Master Post

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It's time to read and revel in the Classics!  This post will serve as introduction and event hub for all participants in 19th Century and Gothic Classics.  Welcome!  I would so appreciate it if all the participants could please add a link to ALL of your Classics Retold related posts to the following page so I can add it neatly to the list below.

All participants have picked a Classic novel to read and review, and also read and review related adaptations, spin-offs and retellings in any format (from page to screen!). Other related posts can be for character analysis or the influence of your book in pop culture.  Or anything you can think of that explores aspects of your book.  I'm hosting 19th Century and Gothic Classics, while my fellow lovely blogger co-hosts are in charge of the following:

Ancient to Renaissance Lit Classics - Alyssa @ Books Take You Places
Mythology - Brittany @ Book Addicts Guide
Children's Classics - Alison @ The Cheap Reader
American and Misc Classics - Wendy @Excellent Library

Please check out their blogs for more Classics fun, and also check out the links below!  Sadly we are not looking for any new participants for this event, but do feel free to read and comment on everyone's posts!   There are a couple additional events for Classics Retold:
  • Alison at The Cheap Reader has created a Classics Challenge question series which can be added to your posting schedule.  Check out this post for more information.
  • Angela at Angela's Anxious Life is co-hosting a Classics related giveaway hop from Sept 10th-17th - check out this post for all the participants.

Thank you for visiting, and special thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who are making this event happen! I look forward to visiting ALL the blogs this month! :)  Tomorrow I'll be posting my review of The Time Machine, my chosen classic!

Dee @ Dee's Book Blog

Daphne @ Gone Pecan 

Paola & Alix @ A Novel Idea

Pride and Prejudice 
Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl

Jorie @ Jorie Loves a Story

J. Dudgeon

Jane Eyre 
Amy @ Book Goonie

Merin @ Read and Reviewed

Sherlock Holmes 
Alisa @ Picture Me Reading

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Three Musketeers
Cassi @ Bright Forest

Wives and Daughters 
Whitney @ She Is Too Fond of Books

North and South 
Rachel @ Paper Cuts

Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Amanda @ Off the Book

Les Miserables 
Tory @ The Sleeping Latte

The Phantom of the Opera 
Krista @ Krista's Picks

Faith @ StudentSpyglass 

Fi @ Bookish Outsider
Treasure Island 

The Invisible Man
Melydia @ Utter Randomonium

The Time Machine 
Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

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  1. Hallo Charlene! :)

    I was curious about this originally a few months ago, but from what I could gather the sign-ups closed such a long time ago, or at least, it appeared that they had, that I bypassed joining in on it! I was curious, as readers, if we're reading a "Classic Retelling" should we grab your badge and join in on the fun OR is this exclusively for only those who signed up to participate in the event!? I was always a bit confused on the specific points!? Reason I am asking, is because I will be reading re-tellings of Pride and Prejudice as much as Jane Eyre in the months leading up to New Year's, but I hope to read quite a few in September!?

    If not, I understand. You'll have to keep me apprised if this challenge happens again, so I can participate properly! Meanwhile, I'll take a look at the blogs + posts that are being generated! :)

    1. Well, I really don't mind new sign-ups actually, so if you would like to sign up for Pride and Prejudice I can add you to the list? We wanted to have a max of 4 bloggers per title, so there is still one spot open. Or if you wanted Jane Eyre, that is open as well! If you are planning to read these classic retellings, you might as well join up here. :)

      Let me know, and I'll add you to the list!

    2. Charlene,

      I've had nothing but browser problems, and I had to get a new one (again!), therefore I didn't even know you had responded to my enquiry until right now! Ohh, I would *love* to participate! I would love to join for *Pride and Prejudice* because this would work out the best for me!! I have Jane Eyre covered, but now, I could use my whole plan for Pride & Prejudice & the re-tellings in such a better way!! Mark me down!!!

    3. Charlene,

      Hopefully all is well with me joining, as in the hours since I last contacted you, I have retrofitted my reading list from Austen in August and absorbed it into Classics Re-Told! I am tweaking my post right now, as well as I saved the badge as well, which is now in my sidebar as much as will be included in each posting! My first post will be my "Introduction" post, followed-up by my review of "Pride and Prejudice". I will add the links as they go live, of course! I cannot thank you enough for including me! I look forward to the experience!

    4. Ok, glad to add you to the list! And I look forward to seeing all your Pride and Prejudice posts!

  2. This is such a great way to approach the classics! I'm thinking I'll have to do something similar on my own time someday -- pick a classic and dive into not only the original text, but the myriad adaptations that seem to surround our favorite books.

    I'm looking forward to following along with the posts to see what people unearth!

    1. I think so too, I think it's fun to see how people have adapted a work, and this forces me to really watch and read a lot as otherwise I might forget. I hope you do that with Jane Eyre after you've read it! :)

  3. Excited!! 75% done with Persuasion so I will be done with it today! Come on, Anne & Wentworth feels!!! *returns to taking copious notes*

    1. Yay! So glad you finished it! And I know the Austen-Challenged post is going to be the best!