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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: A Quarter of Magic

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A Quarter of Magic
by Zoe Tyson

Plot Summary:

In a World born out of magic lives 14 year old Miloney Merren. In his World humans are ruled by an immortal species of creature. And the creatures have one major rule: A human must never have magic. Unfortunately for Milo, he does... And it’s getting out of control. Will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to help his family and friends? "When magic becomes dangerous, you need to remember one thing. It will either define you or kill you."
An immensely entertaining and fast-paced read, the world the author has created is intriguing from the very start.  The children are afraid of their magic being discovered because if they are, they are exiled to another world.  At first I thought this really meant 'the children are killed,' but when Milo faces exile, the story starts on a completely captivating roller coaster ride of action and new revelations.  The story turns into a quest tale where Milo and his friends have a mission to save his world before the unbalance of magic kills everyone.

Although there were a few typos and issues I had with the writing, I thought the world the author created - with it's many different parallel worlds was so interesting, and the fact that the story is so action-packed kept me reading.  The characters are great - Milo and his group of friends all have different powers that work together very well to get them past all the dangers in their path.  I think the ideas behind this story are very solid and the author really knows how to create an engrossing storyline.  The character development isn't very deep, and although the world-building is complex, it isn't all explained (perhaps for the next book) but I think this is a highly engaging quick read for people who love fantasy and magical quests.

review copy kindly provided by the author

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  1. Hmms typos are a pet peeve of mine ironically even though I am prone to them LOL It sounds like a great premise though!

    1. LOL, it is a very enjoyable story if you can ignore the errors! :D

    2. I really am one to talk I typo ALL the time LOL

    3. Oh well we all typo a little! Having an editor follow us around all the time might be a good idea!

  2. I agree with Alisa, sometimes, I can't get into a story if there are too many typos. I'll still put this book on my shelf, though, because the premise sounds really good!

    1. I hope you enjoy the read! This is a short-ish novel, so hopefully the typos won't get on your nerves too much. :) Thanks for stopping by!