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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: American Goddesses

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American Goddesses
by Gary R. Henry

Plot Summary:

When two small-town women find themselves with nearly unlimited powers of mind and body, their lives get complicated. Things turn nasty as a shadowy organization attempts to use Megan and Trish for their own evil ends, and destroy them, their town and the USA in the process.


This novel reads very cinematically.  From the establishing scenes in the beginning that sets up what the rest of the story is and foreshadows the resolution to the clearly delineated characters and the plot that makes good and evil very straightforward.  The story moves at a great pace, full of action and plot twists - moving seamlessly from the actions of the protagonists to the actions of the bad guys.  The story has a wonderful explanation about why some women can have these amazing powers of mind and body, and I love how real and grounded Megan and Trish feel despite their superhuman abilities.  The author describes some realistic relationship and adjustment issues and gives his characters enough detail to make it easy to identify with the problems they run into.  I think the main characters are what drew me into this story the most - they have quirks and humor, and are compassionate which is what makes them so perfect as newly made superheroes.

The villains in this story are not as vivid and realistic as characters - they felt stereotypical and mostly just served their roles of being evil.  It was a little disappointing given how great the protagonists were portrayed, but it keeps the plot simple and moving forward.  But Melnikov especially was deliciously evil and she was a fun character to read.  The story is so well plotted and full of action and great, engaging protagonists that I found it a joy from start to finish, and I highly recommend it as a quick, entertaining read.

review copy kindly provided by the author

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  1. I really like a good villain so too bad that they weren't well developed :)

    1. Yes, but they were very evil, so I that requirement was filled. :)