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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awesome Adaptations (26) - The Brave Little Tailor

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Awesome Adaptations is a weekly bookish meme, hosted at Alisa Selene’s books blog, Picturemereading.  Anyone can play along! Each week there is a new category of adaptation to blog about. Any format (television series, film, web series, etc.) is acceptable as long as it is based in some form on a book. If you’re playing along on your own blog, just mention Picturemereading in your post and include the banner above. Let them know which film you’d pick and why it is an awesome adaptation worth watching. Oh, and don’t forget to share the link to your own post in the comments for that week’s challenge so that everyone can read your thoughts!

An Awesomely (Jacob and Wilhelm) Grimm Adaptation
Title: The Brave Little Tailor
Adapted from: The Brave Little Tailor by the Grimm Brothers

The original fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers is very different from the Disney animated short.  Obviously Disney had to work it's magic.  While Grimm's Tailor is wonderfully clever and brave, he also comes off as arrogant and entitled at times.  It's an odd balance, because although he definitely earns the rewards he gains through his daring, he is pretty full of himself.  That whole dynamic is done away with in the Disney version.  Mickey is always likable, and his accomplishment of "seven with one blow" is blown out of proportion due to other people's misunderstandings.  His presentation at court is probably one of the most memorable scenes as Princess Minnie is quickly enamored by Mickey.  It's a way again, for Mickey to go on this quest to kill the giant without showing arrogance, as Minnie's presence clearly scrambles his mind.

From then on, similarities to the Grimm fairy tale ends, as Mickey's successful encounter with the giant is less calculating and more pure luck.  I love the animation of these scenes - the artists did a wonderful job highlighting the large scale of the giant by having him downing pumpkins, using a thatch roof as a cigar, and houses as chairs.  The cartoon is much more fun and sillier than the Grimm tale, and with a much more satisfying 'happily ever after'.  Although I like the light-hearted approach of the cartoon more than the original fairy tale, I still have to give credit for the original Tailor's very clever methods in beating people who seem to be more powerful, and better qualified than him.

By the way, I just found out that I've been nominated for the Best Noob Blogger  at Parajunkee's Book Blogger Twitter Con awards!  Thank you so much to whoever nominated me!  I really appreciate that!  And though it is truly (and I really mean it, cause this is totally unexpected) an honor to just be nominated, vote for me I guess?  :) Voting starts March 1st.  Totally going to check out all the nominated blogs now!

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  1. First off YAY on being nominated and also I love this version of the fairy tale as well!

    1. Thank you! I think someone we both know might be a nominee very soon too. :)

  2. I'm watching this right now! I just read your post, saw that the adaptation is really short, and I thought I needed something sweet and funny. So, thanks so much for sharing!
    Also, congrats on your nomination! :)

    1. Yay! I'm so glad to have inspired you to watch it! I hope you enjoyed it - it is so cute. And thanks! :)