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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Dark Descendant

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Dark Descendant
by Jenna Black

Plot Summary:
Nikki Glass can track down any man. But when her latest client turns out to be a true descendant of Hades, Nikki now discovers she can’t die. . . .
Crazy as it sounds, Nikki’s manhunting skills are literally god-given. She’s a living, breathing descendant of Artemis who has stepped right into a trap set by the children of the gods. Nikki’s new “friends” include a descendant of Eros, who uses sex as a weapon; a descendant of Loki, whose tricks are no laughing matter; and a half-mad descendant of Kali who thinks she’s a spy.
But most powerful of all are the Olympians, a rival clan of immortals seeking to destroy all Descendants who refuse to bow down to them. In the eternal battle of good god/bad god, Nikki would make a divine weapon. But if they think she’ll surrender without a fight, the gods must be crazy. . .

Expectations: A kick-ass new heroine!

Well, I could have done with much more kick-assery from Nikki Glass, but overall I did enjoy this book.  Nikki is thrown pretty violently into this new world of Liberi - descendants of the gods - and though that must be hard to cope with,  I kept waiting for Nikki to accept her fate and really explore her powers.  And show everyone why she's the main character.  But, although there was plenty of action and strong supporting characters, I felt like Nikki was too hesitant sometimes to take control and that frustrated me as the reader rooting for the main character.  There is room for her growth however, in the subsequent books in this series, and the last half of the book definitely had me in suspense.  And the reveal on Anderson's power was a great What the Deuce! moment.  I would definitely recommend this book for the action and the new take on god mythology.

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  1. I've always enjoyed god mythologies and this book sounds really cool! Hope the protagonist grows in matures in subsequent books :)

    I'm now a proud new follower of your blog, do drop by mine @ bookaworld.wordpress.com as well!


  2. Thank you for commenting! Following your blog now too!