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Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: "Jane"

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by Marielena Zuniga

Plot Summary:
What if a present-day Jane Elliott and fictional character Jane Eyre find their lives so parallel that they are destined to help each other? And how challenging will that be for Jane Eyre, who knows nothing of how her life is unfolding, while Jane Elliott knows the entire story of Jane Eyre's life and how the book and the story of her life ends? After a bolt of lightning strikes Jane Elliott while she is reading Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte's love-torn character comes to life. The two eventually form a bond of friendship, helping each other on their journeys riddled with deceit and murder and a lifelong search for love and belonging.

I liked this book the best when it went off from the story of Jane Eyre, and Jane Elliot had to have interactions and conversations that could not be taken from Charlotte Bronte's novel. I found myself skipping over the many verbatim passages. Overall, I didn't feel this book really added any new layers to the original novel (in the interpretation of it) or to the idea of a modern Jane Eyre since Jane Elliot did not really stand out as a character on her own.

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