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Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: "Jane Eyre, Beware"

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Jane Eyre, Beware

By Anthony Auriemma and Carolyn Chambers Clark

Available as an ebook only.

Plot summary:
In this coming of age story, high school senior, Jane Lloyd, is forced to try out for the school play and take a part-time job as a car hop. As the year progresses, she becomes a hero for the girls in her school when she stops gropers. She goes too far when she plots to use the play as a vehicle to reveal the secret the class hottie's been keeping. Now she faces a major decision: play Jane Eyre as written, get into Columbia U and carry on the family tradition, or stop the class hottie .

Very entertaining read, with a fun pro-feminism revenge that isn't really related to Jane Eyre, but manages to work in a little bit of a relationship. I thought Jane Lloyd had a funny, neurotic narrative voice, that carried this chick-lit type story well.

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