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Hi, I'm Charlene!

Eyrehead - ISTJ - Whovian - Disney Princess Material - Science Officer - Fangirl

email: bookishwhimsy@gmail.com

I work as a research scientist in developmental genetics in almost reliably sunny California. I love my job but I adore escaping into the wonderful world of books. I’m an old-fashioned soul with a love for the past, and a tendency to obsess over fun things like fandoms.  I have quite a bit more pink in my wardrobe than is strictly necessary, I love wearing glasses and I am pretty shy. Though I do my best to suppress it if you talk to me in real life!

I started this blog in March of 2012 as a way to relive and revel in the books I enjoyed and it’s been a marvelous consequence that I can also connect with a community of people who understand bibliomania. Because sadly it’s hard to find these people in real life.  I initially planned my blog to focus on books, but as I've gotten into blogging, my love for other things have gradually seeped through so you may find reviews and commentary on things like musicals, British television and my latest project of watching all things Star Trek.  I just love to talk about the things that make me happy.

My favorite novel is “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë.  I first read this book when I was 15, and I find it a constant source of happiness. It is the very ideal of a book for me. And since college, I like to collect everything I can that relate to the novel - all the adaptations, trivia, and even different editions of the book. Below I have some links that showcase my Eyre obsession:

My Redbubble Shop

I just started a little shop on Redbubble to feature some of my bookish and Janian photoshop designs. Have a look!  If something catches your fancy, bless you!  Your interest is very much appreciated!

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*In case you were curious, my avatar was drawn by an artist who draws a realistic cartoon version of you from a picture.  You can view her shop here.