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Friday, May 8, 2015

Star Trek VOY Season 2 - Top 5 Favorite Episodes

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Season two of Voyager was a wonderful season for me - I had seven episodes listed for my top favorites, and it's been a long time since I had to whittle down my list to five!  One episode that I decided not to go with was "Death Wish" which had the wonderful, unexpected return of Riker for a brief scene and the alright return of Q (the Q we are all familiar with).  Well actually it was kinda nice to see Q.  And the other episode was "Investigations" in which Neelix tries to discover the traitor on board Voyager.  And although I didn't note it (because it was so close to the end of the season) I really enjoyed "Resolutions" where Janeaway and Chakotay face the possibility of living the rest of their lives on an uninhabited planet.

The season was not really memorable in any overarching theme - some of the stories were interesting, and I was happy to see the characters develop further.  I don't yet feel deeply attached to the crew, although I do look forward to seeing what unfolds in each new episode.  This season had a cliffhanger ending involving Seska though, which I was glad to finally get on with, as I wanted her storyline resolved a long time ago.   I did not care for her as a character at all!

5.  The Thaw

Voyager comes across a planet where most of it's people have been cryogenically frozen to endure a natural disaster, but something happened and only three people survived.  Yet their system has not woken them up yet, so the Voyager crew try to revive them.  This episode almost didn't make my list because the whole creepy clown thing is not appealing to me, and it was annoying to have to watch the figment of the machine be overbearing and superior - holding the lives of anyone's consciousness hostage.  But that ending though!  Janeway gets the better of him, and the episode ends on this weirdly solemn note, as it touches on fear of death, and then fade to black.  It was such an impactful ending, that I felt like I had to include it on my list. 

4. Projections

The Doctor finds himself alone on the ship and learns that there was an attack and the crew were forced to abandon ship.  When he decides to deactivate himself, Torres comes in and tells him that she and the Captain are the only two left on board.  But the Doctor's tricorder doesn't register any life signs.  This episode seemed to be an incidence when the Doctor would have to deal with being abandoned, but it took a complete mind bendy turn, when it started to become unclear what was real.  And I really enjoyed that aspect (as well as the return of Barclay in a way).  The mystery of what was really going on with the Doctor made this a very suspenseful episode!

3. Non Sequitur

Harry Kim wakes up to find himself back on Earth, having never been assigned to Voyager.  This was another trippy episode with Kim not knowing how he came to be on Earth all of a sudden.  The reason why is a bit iffy, but getting to know more about Kim and his background was fascinating - I hope there will be similar episodes with the other characters in later seasons (I guess they already delved into Chakotay though).  I did wonder if Kim ever seriously considered just staying put since he had like a second chance to do something with his life.  I feel like if I was in his place, I might have just stayed and not risk the uncertain and dangerous voyage back to the alpha quadrant. 

2. Persistence of Vision

Janeway's attempts to relax by enjoying her holonovel backfire, when she starts seeing the characters outside of the holodeck.  Yessss- another reappearance of Janeway's holonovel!  And this was a great way to use the story - it's scary that Janeway keeps seeing the characters when no one else does, especially since Janeway should be the most reliable character in the show.  And the actual explanation for what is happening is very disturbing - especially when almost everyone on board succumbs to it.  It's intense for an episode that starts out so fun.

1. Deadlock

Voyager is going about it's business, and in an attempt to avoid Vidiian space they head through a plasma drift.  Once out of it, the ship is slammed by proton bursts and everything goes wrong very quickly.  There are two Voyagers in this episode!  This is a wonderful, complex sci-fi story, with the focus being on Janeway and her integrity and courage as the Captain.  Because of course, there's can't be two Voyagers and I loved how everything played out in this.  It's a little bit of storytelling magic that you don't know which Voyager will make it out because the story takes on a twist near the end.  I was so glad to see the show do such a narratively complex episode.  

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