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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Movie Musical Challenge: Guys and Dolls

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In Movie Musical Challenge, I'm watching all 25 picks for AFI's Greatest musicals starting from the bottom.  Number 23 is the 1955 film Guys and Dolls.  I've seen this film before and I was not that impressed with it, but I'm happy to say that with watching it the second time, I enjoyed it much more!  It's not going to be a new favorite of mine, but it is definitely a fun film to watch.

The cast was excellent in this - Vivan Blaine originated the role of Adelaide in the stage version so of course she was delightful. 'Adelaide's Lament' is probably my favorite song from this show.  I thought Frank Sinatra was wonderful as the harried gambler Detroit as was Jean Simmons as the uptight, virtuous Sarah.  Marlon Brando was an interesting choice though, he fit the suave Masterson very well - and he is so handsome!  But he is not a strong singer, and there are a couple really fantastic songs in this musical that would have been great to hear from someone with a stronger voice.  Although Brando's voice sounded pretty nice if he just had to croon more of his song.

This musical is full of misunderstandings and farcical situations which makes for many cute and funny moments.  The romance between the leads is sweet too in different ways.  Overall, I think this is an enjoyable movie, but somehow not one that I would immediately think of as one of the best movie musicals.  Perhaps it's the drama of these particular characters that doesn't appeal to me as much - with gamblers and criminals - even as likable as they are in this film - makes it hard for me to really sympathize.  I'm glad I watched this film again though, because I have a better appreciation for it than I did before.

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