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Friday, August 22, 2014

Star Trek TNG Season 6 - Top 5 Favorite Episodes

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With this season, I had a hard time narrowing my list down to five.  In fact, I had eight episodes which I had to painfully whittle down.  And even then there are several other episodes that were excellent.  This was such a quality season overall and it made me that much more depressed to know that there's just one more season after this.  I'm naming five episodes here, but the other three honorable mentions were: "Face of the Enemy" (Troi plays Romulan!), "Frame of Mind" (truly mind-twisting as we wonder if Riker is going mad), and "Timescape" (Picard, Troi, Data and La Forge are stuck in a temporal disruption).

5. Schisms

Some of the Enterprise crew are suffering from fatigue and a shared vision (dream?) where they are strapped down and experimented on.  This episode was so chilling and eerie - I loved how gradual the reveal of the truth was, and how Riker quickly overcomes the horror of the situation to be the one to stop the aliens from taking members of the crew.  Not only was the story excellent, the visuals of the aliens and the way they shot the other world was fantastic too.  It made me realize that we don't often see really visually unsettling or scary aliens on this show.  And I think it is a great thing that Star Trek teaches us not to fear aliens because they are different, but because of what they do.

4. A Fistful of Datas

I'm fast becoming not just a Data fan, but a Brent Spiner fan, so I'm sure there will be some terrible consequences from that when it comes to how I spend my free time.  This episode was pure fluff as Data's attempt to connect to the ship's computer has some unexpected results.  Namely now Data appears everywhere in the holodeck where Worf and his son are just trying to playact in a western.  I loved seeing a western (of a sort) unfold on the Enterprise, and having Brent Spiner playing all these different characters was icing on the cake.  I was so full of glee at seeing Data in so many different costumes and personalities.  This was a fun and highly enjoyable episode for me!

3. Relics

I'm pretty sure the explanation they came up with for why Scotty is kept in 'stasis' is ridiculous, but I don't care.  Scotty is here!!  And I think this is what I wanted from the Spock episode of last season - something that was lovingly reminiscent of the Original Series.  But they did do that very well in this episode.  And having the holodeck recreate the bridge of Enterprise 1701 (no bloody A, B, C or D!) for Scotty practically made me tear up.  The episode also had a great message about the worth of people you might dismiss too easily, and a great moment for the two head engineers of the Enterprise to save the day so I completely adored this nostalgic, lovely episode.

2. Rascals

Because of a transporter malfunction, when Picard, Ro, Guinan and Keiko are beamed back to the Enterprise, they are beamed back as children.  Whoever came up with this scenario should have been wined and dined for a month, because this premise is so much fun.  And it was so great to see how they individually highlighted how awkward it was for the characters to look like children, but still have their adult minds.  And not only do they explore that aspect, as well as give more insight into the characters, there's a great addition to the plot when the Ferengi unexpectedly take over the Enterprise.  Because you know the Ferengi overlook the kids.  Probably my favorite moment was when young Picard needs to see Riker and has to act like Riker is his father.  So funny!

1. Starship Mine

Some opportunistic criminals try to steal trilithium from the Enterprise while it is undergoing a routine, but deadly Baryon sweep.  Unfortunately (for the criminals) Picard is still aboard the ship.  I read on another blog that this is Die Hard Star Trek edition, and that is a pretty accurate description.  Almost from nowhere, Picard becomes this deadly, cunning force and after his boundless morality and compassion, it was surprising (but somehow satisfying) to see him kick ass, and pensively shrug off the necessary deaths that occurred.  The subplot of Riker and the others figuring out that something is wrong, and then overcoming their captors was just as enjoyable as seeing Picard outwit and outmaneuver.  This episode is a little different from the usual Trekkian fare I think, but I really appreciated seeing how all the crew members stepped up against the threat.

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