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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Last Confession or Poirot and Me

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On Saturday, I went to see a very intriguing play called The Last Confession starring David Suchet.  And for those who are not familiar, David Suchet is The quintessential Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's famous detective.  And one of my favorite actors!  But first the play -

The play itself delves into a fictional account of the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Pope John Paul I who reigned for just 33 days.  I was not at all familiar with the history behind this play so I went in completely surprised by some aspects - like how radical John Paul I was in his thinking and of the beneficial changes he wanted to make to the Catholic Church.  The play made him seem a little bit more open-minded (at least in regards to contraception) and refreshingly eager to dispense with some of the stuffy pomp and circumstance that surrounds the Vatican's practices and the Pope's position.  The actor to play John Paul I - Richard O'Callaghan - played him beautifully I thought - he made him so endearing and likable.

The play raises questions on the nature of faith and the role of religion which are very thought-provoking topics.  I can't say I am clear on the meaning it was trying to get across in the end, and for the most part, I was really exasperated with how badly members of the Church acted - corruption and greed were not glossed over in this play.  I was glad I got to see this play though, because I thought it was an excellent production all around with some powerful and subtle performances.

Now back to David Suchet.  I became a fan of Agatha Christie novels when I was in high school - gravitating more towards Poirot novels because Poirot's eccentricity very much appealed to me.  He always made me smile.  And around that time I also got into the TV series adaptation of Poirot's stories which starred Suchet.  There have been a few other actors to play Poirot on screen, but no one gets him like David Suchet.  That's just a fact.  He delves so deeply into the character it's awe-inspiring.  And he's played Poirot in adaptations of all of Agatha Christie's novels and short stories! (Except for one short story apparently)  The last season - the last four books that needed to be adapted - will finally air in the U.S. this summer. (Of course it already aired in the U.K. months ago!)

At the stagedoor, I was pretty nervous, and tried to keep my thoughts straight as I waited with my Mom to see him.  There were a couple other Poirot fans waiting too, so it was nice to talk to them a bit about David Suchet.  And when he finally did come out, he was so gracious and polite!  He took the time to talk to everyone, and personalized our items to be signed.  It was a very special moment for me to be able to meet him and shake his hand.  I know he is an amazing actor who has done great work outside of his role as Poirot (He was very good in a British period drama called "The Way We Live Now") but I did find it hard to stop myself thinking I was meeting Poirot. :)  I was a bit disappointed though because Stuart Milligan is also in this production and he didn't come out.   Stuart Milligan played President Nixon in an episode of Doctor Who, and he was also a recurring character in another favorite show of mine - Jonathan Creek.

The Last Confession is on a limited world tour at the moment - it goes on to different parts of Australia after it's run in Los Angeles.  If you have the opportunity, do go see it!  And David Suchet did write a book on his experiences bringing Poirot to life called Poirot and Me.  It's not yet officially available in the States, but I hope it will be after the last season of Poirot airs.  Expect a review of the book on the blog sometime soon!

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  1. This is fun! I just finished my first Agatha Christie and my first Poirot novel :) And I can't wait to read more

  2. Oh awesome!! Which Poirot novel did you read? I've been wanting to reread some of his books lately, I should try to fit that in!

  3. I saw this advertised in the Les Miserables pamphlet and was curious as to what it was about. This was a wonderful "review" of your experience of the play. I know that there was a lot of corruption in the Church, but I'm still intrigued to watch this.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, especially about you meeting David Suchet. So exciting!

  4. I should clarify, it was a book of short stories. Poirot Investigates. Christie is a genius!

  5. Omg!! So awesome you met David Suchet! Wow!

  6. Oh I love Poirot Investigates! It's a great collection of stories!

  7. Thank you! I think it was really interesting! And made even more special by meeting David! :)

  8. He was so nice Alisa! Totally made my day, week and month! :) I've been watching some Poirot recently too - did you know Peter Capaldi was in an episode? I just saw him in the episode Wasp's Nest today - it's a great episode!

  9. YOU HAVE MEET POIROT!!!! NO. WORDS. (and yes, PLEASE review Poirot and Me!)

  10. LOL, yes! It's just crazy when I watch some of the old episodes - I feel like David Suchet and Poirot are just the same person sometimes. :D