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Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

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I've been nominated!

Rules are:
1. Include the blog award logo in your post
2. Thank the person you nominated
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about it...
4. Seven random facts about yourself

Thank you PG Shriver for the nomination!

7 Random Facts

These blog awards always seem to ask for random facts, and I find it hard to think of them and not repeat so I'm going to go with a theme here and have all my facts relate to the one fact that I went to the Disneyland resort yesterday (and had a fab time!)  

1. I have a Disney Resort annual pass that expires next August (sad face)

2. At the moment my favorite ride is the Tower of Terror in Disney's California Adventure.  

3. I came across the Mary Poppins and Bert characters and took a picture with them - they had me link arms with them and made it look like we were taking a casual stroll through the park.  Love it!

4. I went to the Animation Academy class for the first time and drew Pluto (they have a "class" every hour for different characters.)

5. I waited in the hot sun for more than an hour to see the Endeavor space shuttle fly over Disneyland but it was worth it!

6. I like to collect Little Mermaid memorabilia and can never leave the resort without looking for new items to spend more money on!

7. I bought this cute Ariel mini-hat yesterday.  I'll probably only wear it around the resort though. WORTH IT.

15 Blog Nominations
1. Gigi Reads
2. Lace and Lavender Hints
3. Musings on Fantasia
4. The Book Critic
5. Mother Daughter Book Reviews
... and now I have to look for more later...

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  1. I was going to nominate you for this one LOL I still haven't done my blog post for it..bad me!

    1. I saw that you were nominated! I look forward to the random facts you will post! :)

    2. I will nominate you anyway :) Because your blog is lovely and fun :)

    3. I will nominate you anyway :) Because your blog is lovely and fun :)

    4. Oh thank you! I will try to think of a new theme to do some random facts! :)