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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Humanless

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by Teodora Kostova

Plot Summary:

The Gods are trying to kill her.
The Gods are trying to protect her.
The Gods will fall at her feet.

When Ava - a 18-year-old student from a wealthy family - meets Blake, she is stunned by his extraordinary beautiful appearance and unexpected rudeness. Little did she know, that he is Ares – the God of War himself, sent down to Earth to kill her. Something else she doesn’t know – he’s human and he has no intention of fulfilling his mission.

"This book is a real gem, a Greek odyssey in the heart of London!" Steven Waters

Humanless is a Young Adult novel, first part of a three-book series.


I was looking forward to seeing why this human was causing so much trouble for the Greek gods, and also looking forward to how their interactions with modern society would work.


This novel is a quick read, with lots of action.  It starts with the gods in Olympus and the reason why the gods would be interested in an ordinary human.  It starts with jealous Hera and ongoing attempts to keep her husband, Zeus faithful to her.  She doesn't mind his infidelities so much though, as long as he always loves her.  But a vision reveals to Hera that Zeus would fall in love with a human many centuries into the future so that Hera tries everything she can to prevent it.  Including cleverly causing the human race to forget about the Greek Gods, and making it so that Zeus forbids his fellow immortals from ever dealing with humans again.  But when the human girl is born, Hera can't help but feel jealous and uneasy and is determined that the girl should die.  So she sends her son Ares to make sure of it.  But that doesn't happen.  

There are a couple of other gods that gravitate towards Ava and her cousin Posy, but their role in the unfolding events is kept under wraps until near the end.  This novel is simple, and cute with little in the way of character depth and development to the romance.  Ares, or Blake as he is known, and Ava are quickly completely in love, and though I wished there had been more to cement their bond in the way of dialogue  and common interests, I enjoyed what there was in the building of their relationship.  Ava and Posy's friendship was great to read about, I really enjoyed their easy companionship and repartee.  I would have liked to see more development overall with this story as it moves very quickly, but it is an enjoyable read and shows an interesting side to the Greek gods we are familiar with.  

review copy kindly provided by the author

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