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Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Street Crimes

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Street Crimes
by H. L. LeRoy

Plot Summary:

This 21,000-word collection of four short mysteries includes:

MISTAKE PROOF - A bank robbery goes wrong in this noir story.

RARE JUSTICE - The first appearance of Private Investigator Jillian Varela.

HOLLYWOOD HITMAN - Making Hollywood a kinder and gentler place, one hit at a time.

THE GAME'S END - Jillian Varela's young client only wanted to know if her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Now she may wind up on death row.


From the cover, I would think the whole collection of stories would have a noir feel to them, not just the first story.


These are four excellently written, well-paced, suspenseful and entertaining stories!  I thought all of them had a noir feel to them (as defined by film noir - emphasis on "cynical attitudes and sexual motivations"), even though the last three take place in contemporary times.  "Mistake Proof" took an unexpected turn as the main character decided to hide in an asylum and that may or may not have been the best idea.  "Rare Justice" was a touching tale and a nice introduction to Jillian Varela, a tough, principled, female (woot!) PI who gets the job done no matter what the obstacles.  Her approach to detective work through dedication and hard work is encouraging to see, and especially so when it pays off.  "Hollywood Hitman" was a fun piece, where people get what they deserve in unexpected ways.  "The Game's End" was another good showcase for Jillian Varela's character as she works to prove the innocence of a naive girl charged with murder.

These four stories are absorbing reads and perfect for a short dose of mystery and suspense in the midst of our busy lives.

review copy kindly provided by the author

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